Tuesday Random Thoughts: my back hurts again.

  • So far the response to the survey I published yesterday is… nil. That’s fine, I wasn’t expecting anything. It would be nice to know what people think but I also know that this blog isn’t widely read. However, I want to change that. The survey was really a sort of substitute for a Monday Book Review. I really want it to be more functional when I do start promoting this blog more heavily.
    Yes, I do want to promote this blog more. It may have started out as a writing practice, and functions primarily as such, but it’s become more. I am planning on redesigning the look again as well as the functionality. I also want to become more active in the blogging community. In the process I’ll promote this blog but I’ll hopefully find more that I’d be willing to follow. I’m already behind on interacting with my followers, let alone those that I’m following.
  • I seriously need a new office chair. The one I have is an old, cheap chair that came with a drawing table I got when I was a kid. Not only is it falling apart it’s really not good on my back. When I’m writing for extended periods at a time—and despite my constant whining, yes, that does actually happen more than I let on—my lower back gets sore. That’s not to mention that there really isn’t much padding on this thing. I have one writer friend who bought a chair that’s designed for gamers, but those are expensive. I could ask for one for my birthday. But that’s not until December. Should I put myself further into debt just for this? Or would it be cheaper to go to a coffee shop every day that I know has comfortable chairs? Which would be more productive anyway?
  • Speaking of writing I may have to push my Writing Progress Wednesday to Thursday again. I really wanted it to be on Wednesdays because it rolls off the tongue better. But tomorrow it looks like I’m going to have to stay late at work again. I would rather spend time working on my screenplay at home than writing about writing the screenplay if I have to chose between the two.
  • I also decided to completely cut out alcohol before writing. I know I said I was going to cut it out completely but it seems that I’m failing in that regard. I’m not worried about being an alcoholic. I only have maybe a beer a day, maybe two with dinner, if that. But I write after dinner. I don’t get as much done when writing if I’ve had a beer or two. So I’ll cut down, and wait until after I’ve written for the day. Maybe I’ll wean it down to nothing but right now I don’t think I have anything to worry about.
  • I was going to resume jogging today, too, as I haven’t since before my vacation a month ago. But I think I got my workout at work today. I had to help out in the backroom, which included lifting kayaks and putting them into pallet racking that’s above my head. I had help for some of them but it was still arduous work, especially considering how many I had to lift. I would say it was about two dozen kayaks. The place is severely understaffed. Otherwise, I wouldn’t even be helping out with such tasks. But hey, the reason that I may be getting out late tomorrow is because I’m training four new people. That should help.

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