Mini-Writing Progress Wednesday: software troubles.

My copy of Final Draft 9 recently updated. I needed to enter my activation code today. The activation was successful. Now, every time I open the program Windows closes it saying that there was a problem with the program. This means I have to e-mail a technician from the company that makes the software (or somebody from the firm that they hire, whatever). As it’s after business hours, I most likely won’t receive a response until tomorrow. So there’s my writing progress for today: I have to write an e-mail asking for help.

I guess this time I really do have an excuse for not working on the screenplay. Maybe I’ll write something else. I probably won’t, though, as it’s getting late. But tomorrow—yes, tomorrow I’ll definitely get back in the grove of writing. Maybe it won’t be a screenplay. Maybe I’ll end up taking a notebook out somewhere. Hopefully I’ll fix the problem with Final Draft. I also hope that this doesn’t mean that I’ll have to reformat my computer again. I just bought this one.

In absence of much else to write about writing, I’ll just advertise my books as usual: The Diary of Lost Suicides and To Love a Ghost. They’re both available on Amazon for 99 cents each. If you like what you read (or even if you don’t), feel free to leave a review on their respective Amazon pages.


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