Tuesday Random Thoughts: catching up and flags.

  • It’s been hard to get myself motivated the last few days in terms of anything other than blogging. I think my weird schedule has had something to do with it. I had to close today, yesterday and the day before at the store. Despite staying up late I’ve been waking up on time or even really early. So I’m tired for one thing. But I’ve gotten used to writing after getting home from work. If I know I have work to look forward to later in the day I just want to relax first. Oh, well, I don’t have to worry about it for the rest of the week. Starting tomorrow I go back to my regular schedule. I have to work Saturday morning for a few hours, but that shouldn’t impede anything. Or I could just be making excuses.
  • I noticed that one of the problems that I’m having with writing these book reviews is that I’m not getting caught up on my other reading. Granted, I usually read each new book for the reviews in one sitting on Saturday mornings so far (for the most part). But that means I put off other things, including getting caught up on my podcasts. This could also be a sign of compulsion—I have to get caught up on my reading like I have to get caught up on my podcasts. But honestly, I don’t see that these are things to worry about getting obsessed over. I could take up smoking or something. (Actually, with the way work has been going, I’d be lying if that thought didn’t cross my mind.)
    Perhaps I should add “writing my screenplay” to my list of compulsions.
  • I’m sick of the look that’s going around of having a shirt or blouse tucked in in the front, but let out in the bad. Make a choice: tucked or not. If you want to go for a sloppier look, own it. If the top is too short to tuck in, then don’t try. It probably isn’t made to. This goes for the look that I’ve noticed some women doing of tucking their blouses in only behind their belt buckles. Is this supposed to have some functional purpose aside from looking stupid?
  • Once I came to terms with being asexual, I discovered that apparently there’s a flag for me to wave around at pride events and so forth. Normally I wouldn’t have any interest in such a thing, but I rather like the look of it:
    Asexual Flag
    I like that color scheme. Plus, if anybody has a problem with asexuality for whatever reason I can say that I’m a Decepticon. Then again, unless I find a cheap t-shirt somewhere I probably won’t bother with symbols. But I can still like the look of it.
  • It recently occurred to me that the original series of Star Trek aired 101 years after the American Civil War ended. That means that there were people who watched the show knew who had also heard their grandparents and/or even parents tells stories about their memories from that war. This seems significant as it shows not only that the war wasn’t so far back in our past, but serves as a reminder that as a social agitator Star Trek still has more to do.

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