Restructuring this blog a little bit.

I knew I was going to have to restructure this blog a little after I started all of these themed days. I’m not referring to all of the delays and switcheroos I’ve been dealing with lately. That’s all of because of outside factors since I came back from vacation—you know, “life stuff.” I’m going to keep the Sunday lists, Monday book reviews, Tuesday random thoughts, and the Writing Progress Wednesdays. I skipped the writing progress this week really just because I didn’t get much done outside of this blog. Again, “life stuff” got into the way. I also see some blogging issues over the next week as well because of work. I have to work on Sunday (although I’m getting tomorrow off) and I have to stay late on Monday. That probably won’t affect me publishing a book review then, if I can finish the book on time.

I may keep the Nerdy Saturdays although I haven’t done enough to judge it yet. I’m going to drop the Friday News Roundups, though. They don’t seem to be so popular (if WordPress stats are to be believed) and I’m having trouble writing them. I used to be much better when I took one topic in the news and reacted to it. I’m going to go back to that for Fridays from now on. I still haven’t come up with anything on Thursdays. I might just keep that as a free day, in which I skip blogging for one day a week like I always used to. Then again, having that free day is what allows me to put everything off so easily, like one of those puzzles that’s missing a tile and you have to solve by shuffling the other ones around.

I guess that’s what my life has been like as well and I need to restructure that. But I’m not going to write a long, sappy blog post about that topic before I figure anything out. Still, one thing that hasn’t changed about myself is my aspirations as a writer. To fulfill that I started this blog years ago. I’ve changed it a few times since, and it won’t hurt to change it again. I suppose the more poetic word would be “evolve.” Whatever—I’m more interested in taking part of that evolution than actually examining it.

Alright, so tonight has been a sort of “free” post in of itself, so that might just be what I do for Thursdays. I have plans for tomorrow and Saturday, but at some point I’m going to start back up on the screenplay again. I don’t have to work on Sunday until noon, so I still should be able to write a list during the morning. I’ll probably read Monday’s book on Saturday, and probably write the review then as well. I’ll just delay publishing the blog post. Where does this leave me for Nerdy Saturday? Well, one of the plans I had for tomorrow was finally going to see the new Star Trek movie. Perhaps I’ll write a review of that. It’s better late than never, right?


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