Belated mini-Friday News Roundup: election, olympics

I wrote this blog post yesterday morning. For some reason it didn’t publish when I thought it did. I’ll write the new post mentioned at the end in a little while.

I’m not dead. I purposely held off this week doing a Friday News Roundup because about 75 percent of my news feeds have been about a certain presidential candidate that quite frankly I’m sick of hearing about. He has been getting enough free publicity from the press that he keeps trying to insult. Likewise, I haven’t been hearing enough news about Clinton. I’ve stated my views about the race so far so I don’t feel the need to keep reacting to everything he says. His name has been getting repeated enough lately. Even bad publicity is good publicity.

Likewise, I have no stake in the Olympics. I just don’t have enough to say about sports. I will say that I heard an interesting piece on PRI’s The World about the Russian doping scandal. The woman on the radio said that state-sponsored doping is a human rights violation, that these people are pressured into taking drugs by the government and it isn’t fair to hold it against them. I hold off for now responding to that with my own views. However, I wonder how that woman would respond to the Nuremberg trials. I am not comparing the Russian athletes to Nazi soldiers, not by any means. But the discussion on the radio show had the shadows of the “I was following orders” argument.

I guess I just ended up doing a mini-Friday News Roundup, albeit belated, by writing about not doing one. But I am going to stop there. I’m also going to end this post by saying that I’m going to combine this weekend’s Nerdy Saturday post with the Sunday List tomorrow. This is partially because of time constraints. But I also had an idea for a list to do for a while now, and it definitely falls under the “nerdy” category as well. I’ll get to it sometime tomorrow.


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