Nerdy Saturday: is Bullet-Proof from G.I. Joe the same guy from COPS?

First of all, I should mention that I have absolutely no problem with the plans to include Matt Trakker in the new G.I. Joe movie. I’ve heard people complain about this but it does have precedence. Years after Hasbro bought Kenner, that included the M.A.S.K. property, and in 2008 they released a “Specialist Trakker” figure into the main G.I. Joe line, making M.A.S.K. a subgroup of G.I. Joe as well. Other than that, Hasbro hasn’t M.A.S.K. any real love over the decades, so it probably isn’t likely that they’ll make a movie dedicated to that line. So this is probably the closest that we’ll get.

I also remember reading somewhere a fan hypothesis that the character Bullet-Proof may be the same character as the leader of COPS, from another toy line owned by Hasbro, COPS ‘N’ Crooks. However, this requires some explaining to do. How far ahead is the “future time” in the COPS line? The cartoon show especially suggests at least several decades, perhaps centuries, based on technological advances. If Bullet-Proof is the same character in the early nineties (based on the evidence that G.I. Joe happens in the time period in which it is produced), did he somehow live that long? Or could it be that the “future time” isn’t that far ahead after all?

I’m actually a proponent of the latter hypothesis. Technology in the G.I. Joe universe is already far advanced than the real life technology of the time. By the nineties the toy line included a lot more of a science fiction-based elements—even aliens monsters that the Joe team had to fight. That’s not to mention the Cybertronian influence.

Yeah, I know. Now it looks like I’m delving into fan fiction here. But I’m not, not entirely. Obviously, characters from G.I. Joe and The Transformers have met up in crossover comic series in recent years. But it’s hard to take those as canon; they exist as fan service, based on discontinued toy lines, therefore feeling close to fan fiction. At least, they do for me. But the Transformers did meet G.I. Joe and Cobra in the original comic book series.

We never did get the “Transformers Meet G.I. Joe” cartoon special that we would have salivated over as kids in the eighties. And neither Autobots nor Decepticons appeared on G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero. But there were G.I. Joe appearances in The Transformers, albeit scant. Daina from the Oktober Guard appeared in the episode Prime Target. Marissa Faireborn was a recurring character in season three. It has been confirmed, at least in Japan, that she was the daughter of Flint (whose real name is Dashiell R. Faireborn). Finally, and most prominently, Cobra Commander appeared in the episode Only Human, referred only as “Old Snake.”

Then, of course, there’s Hector Ramirez, Sunbow’s reporter character that appeared in several cartoons, tying not only G.I. Joe and The Transformers but also Jem and Inhumanoids. And if they are going to include several Hasbro properties, he really should get a cameo. Yes, he’s more of a Sunbow character than one owned by Hasbro. But it would only make sense.

We saw by season three of The Transformers that Earth has already begun advancing incredibly quickly based on alien influence. It’s very conceivable, then, that the Bullet-Proof in G.I. Joe is the same one as in COPS In the latter’s cartoon show he is portrayed as a middle-aged man. This could be a hiccup, though, as I would have to think that the G.I. Joe Bullet-Proof is as well—it’s a team comprised of the best of the best, and he’s been both the leader of the D.E.F. and the Battle Corps. Unless he was some sort of military-leadership child prodigy, he was probably already the age seen in COPS However, given the advancement in technology, some unexplained medical technology could exist to extend people’s lives as well.

Now, the real trick is to prove that the G.I. Joe S.W.A.T. specialist Shockwave is the same as the Decepticon. Maybe I’ll tackle that one next week.


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