Friday News Roundup… sort of.

I haven’t been able to keep up with the news over the past week as much as I normally do. If anything, in trying to catch up on the podcasts that I missed last week while I was away I’ve been getting a mix of bits and pieces of the past two weeks. So I’ll address those bits and pieces this time. Considering that I’m still fighting jet lag that’s probably all I can do this time.

I guess the most current news is that the opening ceremonies for the Olympics in Rio is tonight. I haven’t been watching Olympics over the past decade as I don’t have even basic cable. I always used enjoy at least the opening ceremonies and their pageantry. With so much conflict in the world, even an illusion of everybody coming together in friendly competition is both hopeful and useful. I know there’s been a lot of controversy in recent years around Rio hosting these games, Russia’s involvement, the refugee team and so on. But in the end that illusion keeps drawing me back (when I’m able to view it).

All over the news in the last couple of weeks were the Republican and Democratic conventions. I already made my decision who to vote for months ago so I didn’t care. But it’s entertaining to hear about how much of a shit show the Republican National Convention was and how the party is continuing to fall apart. The Democratic National Convention has some strife coming from the Bernie Sanders supporters (I agree with Sarah Silverman: you’re being ridiculous) and others but largely seems to have held together more. I suppose it does have the benefit of going second—the organizers saw how bad the Republican convention went, and they can put together a more coherent, if less amusing, event. That could be reading too much into it, though. It could just be that the Republican convention really was just a shit show.

There’s three new “nerdy” movies that have come out recently: the Ghostbusters remake, Suicide Squad, and Star Trek: Beyond. I’ll wait for Ghostbusters to come out on DVD. I didn’t want to spend the money on that one but it does look amusing enough. I’m holding off on Star Trek as I’m going out with a fellow fan on Sunday. We might see it then, we might now. And I have no interest in Suicide Squad. The trailers look horrible. I’ve heard it’s even worse than Batman v. Superman, which I also haven’t seen but have heard terrible things about. I’m a fan of the Joker and was excited to finally see Harley Quinn on the big screen—which is particularly is why I’m not going to see this one. If it really treats these characters as badly as I’m hearing I don’t want to risk it. I don’t know, maybe someday. But I’m sick of hearing about it.

Yeah, I told you I really didn’t follow the news that much this week. I’ll be more focused next week. And for those interested, I do have a book to review for Monday. I’m a little nervous about my first book review, but I’m not going to apologize for it at the beginning of that blog post like I did with this one.


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