Writing (Non)Progress Wednesday: sleep.

Well, this didn’t go as planned. I guess jet lag hit me harder than I thought. I had every intent on making a post for Wednesday saying that I was going to not be able to write a Writing Progress Wednesday post because I was going to spend more time working on the screenplay. However, after dinner I laid down in bed for what I thought would just be shutting my eyes for a minute. I ended up falling asleep for about six hours.

It is not just after midnight. As much as I would want to try writing at Witching Hour, I’m way to groggy at the moment. I can barely focus on writing this. I don’t know if I should try falling back asleep or not. I’m going to go back to bed, maybe listen to a podcast or two, and then if I don’t fall back asleep but become more wide awake I’ll try to work on the screenplay.

I hope I settle back in with my old sleep schedule soon. It isn’t until it goes out of wack do I realize how important it was to my writing schedule as well.


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