Tuesday Random Thoughts: vacation in Seattle. No, I wasn’t sleepless.

Instead of writing a travelogue of my vacation in Seattle, I’m going to dedicate today’s Tuesday Random Thoughts to the topic. I’m not writing a fully detailed account of my trip, but rather focusing on some highlights and whatever comes to mind as I write this.

  • Saturday: I headed out really early on the morning of Saturday the 23rd in order to catch the bus that would take me down to Logan International Airport. I had little time to wait and the bus didn’t need to make its one routine stop between Portsmouth and Boston. I got to the airport in time to check my luggage (the clerk behind the counter was kind enough to waive the fee on one of my bags), grab a quick breakfast and go through security. My flight departed soon afterwards and made it to Seattle on time, despite the turbulence. My friend picked me up and we went to do a little grocery shopping before lunch. We hung out for a while before we went to this really great restaurant next to the Pike Place Market called Il Bistro. We bar-hopped, went back to his place for a game of darts and I concluded the pleasant night by vomiting violently due to inhaling too much of a cigar. Hey, it’s been a while since I last tried one. I forgot.
  • Sunday: The bulk of time on the next day was driving out into the middle of the state. We took a several-hour trip through the Cascades and ended up in a desert. This was the first day this vacation in which I forwent my usual rule of not wearing shorts in public. The heat wasn’t terrible—I’ve felt warmer temperatures here in Maine, which is made worse by the humidity. But the heat wasn’t too pleasant as we hiked around inside a canyon which involved a lot of steep slopes, especially to get out of it. But my friend really wanted to go there as it’s known for people dumping their cars and other trash over the side. Last time he was there he found three cars stacked on top of each other. We didn’t find them this time.
  • Monday: I get the feeling that I might get some details of the next three days mixed up as large portions of them went by in a similar manner. I believe that on Monday I headed out to Pioneer Square for a coffee, and then followed Google Maps leading me to various comic shops around Downtown Seattle and Capitol Hill. I grabbed lunch at a Subway and took the bus back to my friends’ place, where I lounged around in bed watching various Star Trek shows on Netflix until dinner.
  • Tuesday: I headed out the nearby Goodwill and then another comic book shop in Wallingford. The comic shop had more of the older Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic books than the other places but still not the one I need to complete my set. While I was waiting for the place to open I found this really cool coffee shop nearby called The Muddy Cup. The mocha I got was nothing special but the place had a cozy, homely atmosphere as it looks like it was converted from a small house. I went back to my friends’ place and spent the afternoon in much the same manner
    I should mention that while while my friends were both away at work I still had company in the form of a poodle named Maxine. She curled up on the guest bedroom bed next to me. She’s a pretty laid-back dog. I didn’t have to “take care” of her or anything. However, once my friends came home she didn’t want as much to do with me.
    I then went to Capitol Hill that night to check out a few local metal bands. I swung by a mocha bar on the way to the show that I had fond memories of my last time in Seattle. This time I wasn’t as impressed. Likewise, the first band wasn’t great—they weren’t bad, but not very memorable—and I left during the third one (not because they were so bad but because the show was late). The second band, though, Eye of Nix, were great. I strongly recommend checking them out.
  • Wednesday: I spent the morning and afternoon in the same way, chilling out at home with Maxine until that evening. The three of us (sans dog) went to see “Weird Al” Yankovic at a local zoo. As every other one of his concerts that I’ve been to it was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Of course, I couldn’t help up at getting choked up a little with nostalgia. I grew up with Weird Al. We then went to a cocktail bar that serves pie and pie-themed drinks, with pie crusts lining the rims of their glasses. Oddly enough, the name of the place was Pie Bar. It looked nice but I barely finished my drink. I just wasn’t in the mood for alcohol or sweets at that point, partly from the mocha bar the night before but just because by that point I drank more alcohol each night with my friends than I usually do by that point in the week. I’m not complaining, I was on vacation. But I just couldn’t do it that night.
  • Thursday: I knew that we were going to have plans on Friday and Saturday so I decided to spend Thursday as my last day cruising the city. I started off in Pioneer Square, only to discover that neither my debit or credit cards worked. It turns out that due to bad timing between my rent check (which I thought was already cashed before my trip) and my paycheck, my checking account was overdrawn. Then I discovered that my credit card was blocked because it turns out that my previous minimum payment was lower than I thought it was, so I didn’t pay them enough. I still wanted to pay off that card, but I hated the fact that I was several thousand miles from home without anyway to pay for even a coffee, much less a hospital bill if something happened. I won’t bore you with the details but I’ve settled both problems by lunchtime that day. Still, I wasn’t exactly happy.
    Anyway, I went back and had my coffee, and walked towards Downtown. It was a nice area but I didn’t feel like spending much more time in what felt by that point like a mall, so I walked to Capital Hill for lunch. I had pizza at a great place on Broadway (forgive me as I forgot the name of the place—perhaps my friend Mike can name it in the comments section?). I then went over to a thrift shop a few stores down which had a wall of CDs for $1.50 each. I wish I found more but I only ended up with four. That’s okay, though. I don’t think I had room in my luggage for more of those and the ones I bought at Goodwill. I then went over to Seattle Center and walked around before taking a bus home.
  • Friday: Mike and I took the ferry over to Bainbridge Island and wandered around the shops and bars there. It was a very pleasant day to have a cream ale outside, next to the water. Through all of the sailboats one could still see the skyscrapers from Downtown across the water. We visited an art museum that didn’t charge admission. I don’t have much of an impression of the work on display as we breezed through the place. We took the ferry back and had dinner at some Irish pub in Pioneer Square. During dinner we decided to part ways as I really wanted to see a black metal show a few miles away, while my friend didn’t. The headliner was Inquisition, which I’ve seen before. It seems like there’s a rising trend in black metal for bands to not have bassists. Some bands make it work, some don’t. I got home pretty late after that one.
  • Saturday: I spent most of Saturday at the house hanging out with the friends that lived there, Mike and his girlfriend (she probably wouldn’t mind if I named her here but as I haven’t discussed it with her I won’t bother this time). I really wanted a day to chill before I headed back home. I think I overworked myself trying to see everything and do everything within my means on my vacation. I bought pizza (from another location owned by the same place with the name I can’t remember) for everybody and we capped off the night by watching the 1966 Batman movie. It was its fiftieth anniversary, after all. We then said our goodbyes before I went to bed, as I knew I was going to be leaving before they got up in the morning. I wasn’t on Maine time throughout the entire vacation but I still tend to get up earlier than they do.
  • Sunday: I took the bus to the train station, then took the light rail to SeaTac Airport. The line to check my luggage was long but steadily moving. Then there was a long line at Security. Then there was a long line at the bagel shop. I managed to get my breakfast but only had time for a few gulps of coffee before dumping the rest. It was getting close to the time to depart. Then it turned out that because of the weather in Boston, our flight got delayed. It turned out that we had to wait over an hour before departing. The flight went smoothly (although the guy to the right of me was taking up more than just his space for much of the time). Still, I ended up not getting back to Portsmouth until nine, when all of the grocery stores were closing. I had to spend time yesterday after work grocery shopping and unpacking.
  • It’s a good thing that today’s blog post is so long as I most likely won’t write one tomorrow. I have nothing to report for Writing Progress Wednesday. Instead, I want to spend time getting back into the screenplay. I won’t bother writing a report about that. I’d rather spend the time working on it.

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