Tuesday Random Thoughts: book reviews, work on the screenplay, jogging.

  • I’m now thinking that maybe it isn’t so bad if I don’t get the absolute latest releases to review for Mondays. Aside from what seems an impossible task in trying to find a list of new releases for each week, I have to question the importance of such a quest anyway. I think I was getting obsessed with trying to find a new release list somewhere rather than what the benefits of such a thing would be. After all, I’m not even widely read. Who cares? I’m not going to bother reviewing books too old, however. I now have to try to figure out how to fit in reading all these older books on my Kindle while I’m trying to read all these new ones for this blog.
  • I hate to say it, but I may have to also skip this week’s Writing Progress Wednesday. I haven’t written much other than this blog since last week. However, I don’t feel so bad about this. I wasn’t slacking off. I was just busy with other things. There’s a lot I wanted to get done and still want to get done before I head off to Seattle on Saturday. Should I just put the screenplay on hold until I get back? It’s probably not a terrible idea as I already have plans on Thursday and Friday. I’ll see what I can get done today and tomorrow. Still, I won’t worry if I don’t get much. Why kick myself over it when I can honestly justify it? Besides, it’s not like I’m giving up. I’m just postponing the next writing session a little longer than I usually like to.
  • I also have to put off jogging. I’ve been good and got up to two miles each time lately. I may be going slower than I like to but as I let the habit go for so long I’m not surprised. There’s nothing wrong with pacing myself. Age might be a factor, but considering I just started jogging just a few years ago I don’t think about it that much.
    Anyway, the reason I’m skipping is because I hurt my leg at work yesterday. I was helping a customer get a kayak into the back of their pickup truck. In the process I backed up and hit my calf on the trailer hitch. It wasn’t a serious injury but as I had to stay late two hours yesterday, covering the front end of the store  and thus standing the whole time, I didn’t get to rest my leg properly. It now feels like I jogged a lot yesterday and didn’t stretch properly.
    So now I have to ask myself, is it necessary to jog for the rest of the week? I’m not planning on jogging next week. I’m going to do so much walking I don’t think I want to wear myself out by jogging as well. Jogging one more time just for the sake of it before I go might be pointless. Maybe that’s something else I’m going to wait to do until I come back.
  • I might as well say it now but I’ll probably publish a post later this week about the fact that I’m going to skip blogging all from Saturday until the first of August. I plan on enjoying my vacation.

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