Writing Progress Wednesday: finished act one of the screenplay.

I finally finished the first act of the current screenplay earlier this week. It took way too long for me to get to this point. But that’s enough lament. If I didn’t even say anything about it, you wouldn’t know. However, as I’m staring this “Writing Progress Wednesday” theme for blog posts I guess I’m going to have to pick up the pace. Having the pressure of reporting to a mass of nameless people whose judgement wouldn’t phase me anyway will keep me going. I wish I could say that was a joke.

The first plot point of the second act is a trial. It doesn’t take place in a court of law, rather the living room of the rich guy who’s the leader of an occult group that I made up. Therefore, I don’t have to get too strict about following procedure. However, how much liberty can I take while keeping it believable? By this point in the screenplay I have started to interject some humor, so while the group is a group of villains they’re comedic villains. Well, I guess “humor” is subjective in this case. I’m sure I’ll have to punch it up a bit when I start revising this thing.

Speaking of revising, I keep meaning to go back to revisit these other writing projects that I started what seems like a long time ago. They’re still there and I want to keep working on them. But I wanted to really focus on this screenplay. And then for a long time I was slacking off when I should have been writing it. If I wasn’t going to work on my main project, why would I take all of these other side projects on?

Now that I’m back in full swing with it, I’m going to start working on those other work sas well. I’m not spending a whole lot of time on them, but here and there throughout the week. Maybe I’ll spend some time during the weekend if I’m not too busy doing something else (like reading books for a book review on Monday).

I’m going to finish of my updates on my writing by promoting the two e-books I have for sale on Amazon, The Diary of Lost Suicides and To Love a Ghost. They’re both short stories for only 99 cents each. One of the reasons I want to go back to other work is that I wanted to maybe put a collection of short stories together instead of trying to peddle them one at a time. But either way these two books are still on sale.

I still haven’t figured out a theme for Thursdays yet. But that’s okay, as I probably won’t have time tomorrow to write a blog post anyway. I have to go to the dentist after work. Yes, again, but it isn’t anything serious this time. I just need him to grind down the crown he just put in. It’s a little high, particularly in one spot. I couldn’t tell at the time that he put it in. The tooth above it is sensitive to cold now. I think that could be a result of this crown pushing the top tooth up into the sinus cavity. It’s sad that I’ve gone so many times I start knowing this stuff.

Likewise, I probably won’t do a book review on Monday as I think I’ll still be reading Gone With the Wind. I wanted to finish it this last weekend but errands just got in the way. I’ve been trying to read it throughout the week, before I go to bed, but an hour a night just isn’t cutting it. Anyway, whether or not I get that one finished I may have plans as well. And no, I’m not tackling Gone With the Wind for a book review. I don’t think I’m equipped to handle that one yet.


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