Tuesday Random Thoughts: themes for the #blog, parking, dressing up, I want an airplane.

  • I really got myself excited last night with my idea of having each day of the week having its own theme for a blog post. I’m still looking for ideas for Wednesdays and Thursdays. Then again, I’m not married to the ideas I have so far for which day has which theme. However, some of them do make sense. I would keep lists on Sundays, for example, because while they’re usually easier to write they end up being longer, and therefore taking longer to make. Mondays are good for book reviews, as I would usually need the weekend to read a new book (or two, depending on length). Fridays are good for the “News Roundup” idea, as that’s the end of the business week. And Saturdays are good for the “nerdy” posts as those could be the most fun. It’s the beginning of the weekend, and even though I’m 35 I still associate Saturday mornings with cartoons. It all ties together in my head.
    However, it could turn out that Sundays would be better for book reviews, if I read the books on the weekend. I want to take notes as I read but it might still work out better to write reviews when the book is still fresh in my head. I could do the random thoughts any day of the week, too. If I decide to do new music reviews (although I probably won’t), Tuesdays would be ideal as that’s new release day. So I should say that I’m looking for ideas for two days of the week, just not specific days.
  • I’m writing this at a coffee shop in Portsmouth. After I parked my motorcycle I had an interesting conversation with a guy who had to pay at the same meter. He thought it sucked that I had to pay even though I took up a whole spot. I explained to him that if multiple motorcycles took up one spot they would share the fare. He thought they would each have to pay. It got me thinking about the differences between that and city-designated motorcycle parking. While I still think there should be such spots, such as Portland, I do see the benefit of sharing spots as well. It’s cheaper for each rider, and there’s something of a communal feel to the whole ordeal, even if you never meet the other rider. Still, designated bike parking is still parking reserved for bikes, and it would make more money for the city.
  • I’m kind of wishing that I dressed up a little more as I came out here. I haven’t showered or shaved today, it’s hot and I rode the motorcycle. So I just wore the jeans I wore to work and threw on a Misfits t-shirt. Still, I’m writing at a table outside in full view of all of the people around me. Then again, I’m not out to meet women. It’s possible—only a vague likelihood, but possible—that I could be moving later this summer. I don’t just mean finding a house or another apartment around here. I mean that I could be relocating for work. But it’s only a remote possibility at this point, and besides, I might turn down the offer. Still, I don’t want to get attached to anything just in case. Still, you never know. I won’t actively prevent anything from happening.
    Yes, I am aware that that’s not the only reason to dress up more. But I’m only sitting at a table with my laptop and I’m not trying to impress anybody else. If anything, I want to blend in more this time.
  • There’s a lot of two-wheeled vehicles going by, and that’s great. However, I think it’s time somebody buzzed through Market Square in a personal airplane. I’m not saying that’s what I’d do if I had one. But it does remind me that it’s another thing I’d like to try someday. But that’s not on the horizon right now financially.
  • So, if I do the themed blog posts, I do have to ask some questions. Is there a specific day of the week that new books come out? That probably wouldn’t change my plan for reading them on Mondays, but it might make shopping a little easier. Also, I’m heading to Seattle soon. Should I wait until after that vacation to start the themes, or just go ahead with them as soon as I’ve settle on what the two other days should be?
    I was about to report on the progress of my screenplay. Then it suddenly occurred to me: Writing Progress Wednesdays. I was also thinking of possibly having one day that’s not themed at all, but not one of these random thought posts, either. Perhaps Theme-less Thursday? Nah, that kind of goes against the whole point.

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