Tuesday Random Thoughts: TMNT comics, where to put my apartment key when jogging, catching up on podcasts and reading.

  • I mentioned recently that I have a comic book collection. The only real comics that I collect at this point, however, are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I’m primarily interested in the original Mirage comic line that everything else is more or less based on. They’re a lot more adult and have that indie comic feel that I like much more than the mainstream books (including the other TMNT lines, although they all have their good points)
    As I write this I only need two more issues to complete my set of Mirage’s volume one: 14 and 18. They’re usually a couple of the higher-priced issues but never out of my range. I just usually have other things to spend my money on. However, I recently stumbled upon an auction on eBay of five books, one of which is 18. If I win, the whole thing will cost less than what the individual book normally goes for, even when including shipping. (This is why I’m actually delaying publishing this post until the morning—the auction ends after my bedtime, and I don’t want to advertise the auction in case anybody reading this would want to bid as well.)
    If I win this one, I’ll end up with duplicates of four comics that I can then sell to a comic shop which hopefully has 14, and that part of my collection will be complete. I’m not picky when it comes to condition as long as they’re readable, but I try not to get anything that’s got too much wear. I don’t have the earliest editions of the early books, either which usually go for much out of my league. I do have a few autograph copies of things but largely I can go for “collectables” later. Right now I want to read the series from beginning to end.
  • I forgot to take my apartment key while jogging this afternoon. That’s fine, my landlord lives just two houses over. I have to come up with some way to take my key with me, though. I’m afraid that if I take it in my gym shorts’ pocket it will bounce right out and I won’t notice. The armband for my iPod doesn’t have a slot for my key like the armband for my phone does. I usually take the iPod. Perhaps there’s some other way I can strap the key on me. Up until now I used to keep the key in the door of my unlocked car. It’s not really that safe but it feels safe somehow. Honestly, in my neighborhood I can probably just get away with leaving my apartment door unlocked. But you never know.
  • I’m really trying to catch up on podcasts. I got behind last week and didn’t make an effort this weekend. For some reason I just didn’t want to listen to them all “on time.” Is it really that important for me to get caught up? Probably not to the outside world but it’s important to me. Still, am I just trying to catch up in order to get caught up, or because I really want to hear all of them? The latter is true, but I want to make an effort to listen to them right away. I usually only listen to them when I have time, such as the drive to work (when I take the car), in the morning before work and while I’m jogging. I usually can stick to that idea so I don’t have them interfering with the time when I usually should be writing. I had a rough time early last week and decided it was best to just chill for most of the week. This time I want to at least be able to get back to my normally routine fully by Friday. I’m mostly there, but I want these podcasts out of the way in order to focus on what I should be doing.
  • Likewise, I have several books that I want to read specifically before I go to Seattle at the end of the month. I have a few that I’m specifically saving for the trip, which doesn’t leave that many behind. I’m not talking about all of the unread books on my Kindle. I refer to the stack of books on my coffee table I want to get done. I won’t list them all now. I don’t know what my weekend plans will be leading up to the vacation. I’m supposed to be hanging out with a friend of mine coming up from New Jersey at some point this month but I don’t know when.

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