Should I bother putting my air conditioner up this year?

My air conditioner is a pain in the ass to set up. The only room in the house where I want it to be is in my office/studio. I live on the second floor, and there’s no place for anybody to get on the outside. That’s not entirely true, as there is a small roof right outside it that goes over the vestibule for the apartment below. It’s right next to the landing outside my kitchen, so it’s possible that somebody could stand on that roof in order to help me. But I wouldn’t dare ask anybody to do that.

So it would have to take two people to try to lift the air conditioner into the window, and then steady it by the short side while one of us lowers the sliding part of the window to hold it in place. Even then, the accordion-style sides that are supposed to fill out the leftover space don’t quite do the job. That’s not to mention how hard they are to get into their best position, so it takes a couple of tries. That means raising the window a little bit, adjusting them, then lowering it—all the while trying to steady the damn thing by it’s short side. What makes this all the worse is that I’m usually doing this by my self every year.

Even once I get the thing in I’m nervous that it’s going to fall out anyway. The windows are fairly new but they’re just wood and they’re in an old house. Just my washing machine makes the building shake. If the landing extended all the way to the front of the building that would be one thing. But I don’t want the air conditioner falling out onto that roof and possibly down onto the ground. That could be the precise moment that one of the neighbors downstairs walks by.

There are economic concerns, of course, as well as ecological. But the temperature around here doesn’t get that hot all day or even every day throughout the summer. The period of time that I need it is maybe two months, if that. I can afford the extra ten bucks on my electricity. I think the environment can deal with that little bit as well. But do I really want to spend all of that effort only for that short period of time?

My musical instruments are in this room, as well as my comic book collection. Not only can it get hot but it can get humid. This is technically a second bedroom, so it has a door that I can close and keep the cold in, and also the humidity out. It may feel foolish to run the air conditioner all day while I’m at work, but I worry sometimes that I’m abusing my guitars if I don’t have it on. I tried going one summer without the air conditioner, and nothing seemed affected that much.

Or would the humidity actually help the instruments and books? Perhaps I’m making a mistake by keeping it so dry in there. Would it be better, then, just to get a fan? Honestly, if that’s all that it takes I’m more than willing to get rid of the air conditioner. It takes up too much room when it’s not in the window. It was a used gift, anyway. I wouldn’t mind taking it down to a thrift store to unload it. Then again, I would be spending money on a fan to replace the free air conditioner, which is more effective. But the air conditioner only feels good if I had it in my bedroom. That isn’t possible as those are different types of windows. Besides, I prefer a fan in that circumstance.


Since that last paragraph I did some quick research which tells me that I should keep my guitars and comics cool, however the guitars should be in a humid area where the comics would be better off dry. This is why I think the fan would work. I had my comics in my living room with just a fan during the summer  for years and they seem none the worse for wear. I don’t have a highly valuable collection for the most part. However, I have almost a complete set of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle comics published by Mirage that are in fairly good condition, and I want to keep them that way. Perhaps if I got rid of the air conditioner, I can keep them in the closet.

Then again, it could be that where I live I don’t face enough quick fluctuations in conditions that it isn’t much of a problem, and I’m worrying too much in the first place. What do you think? Should I be concerned? Am I already doing the right thing? Is there something I should change?


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