Catching up.

No, I’m not dead. I haven’t fallen off of the face of the Earth. But I’ve been too busy to write on this blog post over the past few days—well, sort of. I can’t go into detail (sorry, I know I try to be open here but this involves other people) but I got very pissed off on Monday. This resulted in me getting drunk on Monday night and purposely slacking off on just about everything. I went to work the next morning with a hangover, took an ibuprofen and as a result felt tired for the rest of the day. I spent most of that time catching up on chores and listening to podcasts. I still didn’t feel right writing anything. Then today I had a little more catching up to do, mostly changing passwords on all of my Internet accounts. This wasn’t related to what happened on Monday, it was just something I’ve been meaning to do lately as it’s been a while since I last changed them.

It may be a series of excuses, but I think I can justify them. On Monday I needed to self-medicate. Yesterday I had a lot of stuff to do, especially dishes, which meant a trip to the store to get dish soap. That wasn’t all I did yesterday but it certainly took a while. Then today I sort of had a “winding-down” phase as I try to get back into the groove of things. That’s why I wrote this blog post, such as it is. I hate these “I know I’ve been a way for a while but…” kind of posts. Still, it’s late in my day when I finally get to writing this. Honestly, I don’t feel like trying to think about anything else.

I will say that I’m thinking of yet another change in tone and style to this blog. I haven’t made up my mind and it won’t be too soon. But I’m thinking of giving this blog more of an overall theme other than whatever topic I can think of each day. The only problem is that I haven’t decided what that theme should be yet. I’m willing to take suggestions. What is it that people want to read about? What popular topic could I write about?

I’m also going to get back into jogging tomorrow. Due to giving into vices earlier this week I haven’t jogged in a while. I also started recently getting back into meditation but I haven’t been keeping up with that regularly, either. My family has a history of high blood pressure and I want to try to keep it down naturally. I already try to keep the sodium level low in my diet. Now, if I can only cut out the stress, I might be fine. The only problem is that I’m stressing out over high blood pressure, which probably isn’t helping.


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