Camping It Real

I’m breaking my normal rule of not linking to YouTube in order to advertise a new project by a couple of friends of mine called “Camping It Real.” I can’t give you too much information about their process and reasoning behind making this short film as I don’t know how much information they want out there. I invite them to respond in the comment section below if they wish.

Anyway, here’s their first episode:


And that’s it for me today. Originally, this was going to be a blog post that would make up for the lack of one yesterday, which I was going to follow up with one of my Sunday lists. However, I have another writing project that potentially will take up so much time and energy that I don’t think I’ll be able to. However, this project could lead to an outcome that would be so positive that it would make up for me “slacking off” on my blog this weekend. I don’t want to tell you too much about it as it may not come to fruition. I won’t know for a while yet anyway. But if it does work out there will be some big changes in my life and possibly this blog as well.


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