Follow-up to a recent post about goals; too tired, too often and paying off a credit card bill.

I mentioned in a recent post that I’ve been feeling tired lately. It’s been getting worse this week. I have to wonder if maybe I do have some sort of health issue. I don’t really want to go to the doctor if it turns out to be a simple issue. However, any time I try looking up possible causes I get a series of lists that have so many different answers it’s hard to really pinpoint what applies to me. I want to make a few changes in lifestyle to see if they help before I do anything. Primarily, I don’t think I’m eating enough, especially for breakfast. I tried to go cheap this week with the kind of cereal I got. However, I’m usually starving after a few hours.

The downside to this is that I’ve been having a hard time concentrating on writing. I’m forcing myself to write this blog post as I skipped the last couple of days. But it’s difficult to stay focused. And I don’t mean that I got lazy and easily distracted. I mean I really can’t focus on anything creative. Likewise, I’m making a lot of spelling mistakes while writing this post right now, slowing me down even more so.

I also mentioned in that post that I had the goal of paying off my credit card by the end of this year. Sadly, that just isn’t going to happen. Even if I don’t spend any money extraneously, I just can’t make the math work. I got ambitious with making a credit card bill payment this month and as a result had to borrow money from my father in order to pay rent. I’ll pay him back soon enough. But it served to force me to reexamine my plan. I’m now going to say that my goal is a year from now. This is not only more realistic it actually allows me to breath a little more easily. Yes, I’ll have more interest to pay off that way. But then I’ll be able to enjoy my trip to Seattle next month. Besides, it’s possible that I’ll pay the damn thing off before twelve months are up, anyway.

I have to remind myself that I really don’t have it that bad. There are people with higher bills than mine and with less of a chance of paying those bills off. I just don’t like having that much debt over my head. Whenever I use this computer I only feel like part of it is mine as I used the card to buy it.

I still think my other goals are valid. I did run into a snag with applying for my master’s degree, but that’s just a problem that I’ll have to work out. I may also have to put off the goal to move however as that one is dependent on the other goals, but it’s still there. I wasn’t as serious about that one anyway.


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