Looking for signs of hope in the recent tragedy.

I know I’ve been silent in responding to the mass shooting in Orlando, Florida this weekend. It wasn’t intentional. However, I’m not going to run down along and boring list as to why I didn’t get around to saying anything. Likewise, I’m not going to make a big statement about what happened or what it means in terms of terrorism, homophobia, religion or gun control. I could just make my points quickly and broadly: of course I don’t condone terrorism and homophobia. I am in favor of more gun control. Addressing religion is tricky and would take more time than I wish to dedicate to the subject. I have disdain for religion, but I don’t automatically equate it to terrorism or extremist groups. Not only that, there’s evidence to suggest that the shooter’s mental state was really more to blame than a connection to any one group, despite his 911 call.

What I really want to address is the outpouring of grief and support from across not only the country but the world. It finally looks like we’re seeing a significant shift in the acceptance of the LGBT community. We have a long way to go, of course. But I’m noticing something happening that I find rather hopeful. Those that are now speaking out against homosexuality or Islam or essentially any other bigot are now becoming more publicly shunned than they have in the past. It’s sad that a tragedy such as this one is what brings people together. But in the midst of our grief let’s take also think of a positive idea: acceptance is now becoming more accepted.

The main reason I didn’t even write a blog post at all last night was that I finally got back into working on the new screenplay. I took my laptop to a coffee shop for a change of scenery and managed to get several more pages out than I have in the past few months. I’m also going to make today’s blog post shorter as a result of doing something similar tonight. At least one of my goals that I listed in Sunday’s post is in full swing. Maybe that will help encourage me to work on the others more fully as well.


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