Why keep coming to the same pizza place? #portlandme

4:30 p.m.
Bill’s Pizza, Portland, ME

Do I only come to this pizza place out of nostalgia, ritual, because I truly love the pizza or a combination of the three? This city supposedly has the highest number of restaurants and bars per capita than any other city in the country, and yet every time I take a trip up here I go through the same routine: get a cheap lunch, such as a sandwich at a gas station or something, and go to Bill’s Pizza for dinner. It’s not like I’m afraid to try new things (as long as it’s vegetarian) so why do I keep coming here?

I first discovered this place over a decade ago while I went to college up here. There’s no fantastic story about finding the place. I looked for somebody who sold pizza by the slice and found Bill’s. There was something about the place that kept drawing me back. Perhaps it was the laid-back atmosphere of the place. I could swing by after a hard day of classes and unwind by sitting at my usual table (where I’m sitting as I write this) and work on a now-abandoned piece of fan fiction. It could have been that I wanted to stay downtown and this restaurant, despite being in the middle of the waterfront, has its own parking lot.

Or maybe I really just like the pizza. My friends and family don’t share this opinion, which as made me at times question if it’s the food or the place that I really like. But that question last long as soon as I bite into my first slice.

It looks like it is a combination of all three things. I do want to try other restaurants around here. But tonight I’m going to be spending money at a craft beer festival (somewhat—I don’t want to go crazy) and then later at a concert. That’s another thing I like about this place. It’s affordable.


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