Sunday list: seven goals to meet by the end of this year. #goals

There are certain aspects of my life that I’m fed up with. I’m fully aware that they’re my fault. I’ve grown too comfortable with my life in general. It doesn’t help that I’ve become tired often over the last year or so. I’m not sure if that’s an actual condition that I need to look into, my lifestyle, age or perhaps just an illusion and excuse. I often find distractions and diversions to keep me from getting any work done. For example, the occasional motorcycle ride is one thing but getting on the bike every time it’s sunny out is too much.

I decided to set myself some goals. I gave myself the end date of the end of this year. With some of the items on this list that should be more than enough time. In some cases it’s not realistic, so I had to tweak the goal a little bit. But I’m going to work on these things regardless. They shouldn’t be terribly difficult. They’re all aspects of who I am or who I should be. But I’ve been dragging my ass for too long getting these things done.

  1. Pay off my credit card bill. I hoped to get this done before my vacation to Seattle next month but that turned out to be a pipe dream. I got too carried away with using it. But I won’t get into why I got it so high or how many of my purchases I can justify. I just need to make more of an effort to get this thing paid off. Granted, I have a steady income and shouldn’t have to worry about it. But I hate that it’s looming over my head. Besides, I have to think about the interest that’s getting added onto it each month.
    One of the things that might help with this is that I should look into how much I’m getting taken out of each paycheck for taxes. I still haven’t gotten used to how much that I have to have taken out each month since I got promoted last year. If worse comes to worse, I might consider not having it taken out at all. Sure, that would suck when it comes to doing my taxes in January but I’d rather have that then this credit card bill.
  2. Finish my screenplay. And I don’t just mean finish the first draft. I mean actually get it to the point where I can start sending it out to studios. Even if it turns out to be total crap I want it done so I can learn from my mistakes and move on to the next one.
  3. Double my efforts to get a new job, preferably something with my degree. Shouldn’t that be just “get a new job?” Let’s face it, I’ve waited so long since I got my bachelor’s degree that my chances of getting anything are next to nothing. But I have to try. Even then, I’ve gotten to the point where I would rather take something without the degree if it’s better than what I’ve got.
  4. Apply for a master’s degree program. Instead of “go for my master’s” I opted for something more realistic. This isn’t a case of low self-esteem but practicality. It’s too late to apply for this fall. I had resolved to do this years ago but financial concerns put it in the back of my mind. Now that I have a higher-paying job (even if I am looking for a new one) I can start looking into it again.This is all the more reason for me to pay off that damn credit card bill.
    The above two items are really alternatives to each other. They both stem from the guilt that I’ve been keeping for over a decade now that I had a full scholarship and yet did nothing with my degree. Selling a screenplay would also fulfill that requirement but I have to have something in the meantime. Even if I sell the script it probably wouldn’t be to a major studio, meaning that it wouldn’t pay the bills for long enough for me to quit my “day” job.
  5. Pay more attention to my health. As it is I’m not terrible with this. But I could do a lot better. I have to jog further and more regularly, cut down the drinking (or cut it out entirely), start getting physicals regularly and start lifting weights. I should seek advice from my local doctor, dietician and perhaps even look into a personal trainer. Maybe this will help me find out why I’m tired so often.
  6. Get my own house, or find a place to live in Portland, Maine. I like where I live. I like the good rent that I have and the fact that my landlord doesn’t mind if I’m late with that rent provided that I pay it every month. But I want a place to call my own. I’m not looking for anything fancy, just a one or two-bedroom, one-story house. I wouldn’t mind a trailer but I don’t want to pay for lot rent.
    Alternatively, I really want to move to Portland. Every time I go up that way I remind myself how much I would love to live there. But given the very real possibility that I’m still going to have the job that I have now, and hour away from Portland, I’d probably better look for a house around here instead.
    I’m willing to admit that this is the least attainable of the goals on this list. It’s not a matter of paying for it—if I get a mortgage cheaper than my current rent then that would help with paying off that credit card bill. But this one is a matter of time as well. And hey, if I achieve one or two of my other goals on this list that help me make more money, than this would be a logical step afterwards.
  7. Become humanity’s savior. Okay, I know what you’re thinking: this isn’t so much a goal but a given. But I’m just not sure it’s going to happen this year.

Do I achieve any of these goals this year? Come December, do I resign myself that my life is as good as it’s going to get? Or would something else come along that would end up changing my life for the better? Whatever the case, I’m sure I’ll post the results here.


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