I’ll be writing a “proper” post later today.

I know I’ve been picking up the frequency in which I post to this blog again. In that case, then, I’m getting online for a moment now to say that I’m going to publish today’s “real” blog post tomorrow. I’m going to be out all day so I won’t have time to write one and put it online before I leave. Instead I’m going to take a notebook and write in a coffee shop or somewhere while I’m up that way.

I know it seems silly to publish this post saying this. And I won’t turn this into another full post saying “I’m not going to write a post.” I’ve done that already and the joke only works so many times. Besides, this isn’t a highly popular blog so in the end, who really cares? I do. I appreciate my readers but I’m in this for my own needs. So when I post these notices they’re really to myself. It’s a weird sort of self-therapy. I suppose there’s worse things to worry about, and worse remedies for them.

I don’t think the next post that I publish—the one that I write later today—will reach my usual minimum of five hundred words. I’ll be writing by hand while I’m out in Portland. I want to enjoy myself, and as much as I enjoy writing there’s a lot to do and see up that way. Then again, I get bored easily.

Anyway, I’ll type up said blog post tomorrow morning before I write the one for tomorrow. By the way, I’m bringing back the “Sunday Lists.” If anybody has suggestions for one they’d like to see me address, let me know.


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