Increasing my word count through personal communiction? #writing

Should I count personal communication as part of the day’s word count? I would feel guilty if that’s all I did for the day. I’m not going to write a five-hundred word e-mail or Facebook message to a friend and use that in place of a blog post, no matter how well-written that message may be (and, let’s be honest, how poorly written the blog post might turn out to be afterwards). Yet I feel like I could justify to myself cutting a blog short if I already had written that much to somebody. Writing is writing, after all.

I’m going to do that tonight, then. I’ve been sending messages back and forth with a friend of mine about my upcoming vacation to visit him in Seattle. Okay, fine, to get nit-picky I’ll be staying with him and his girlfriend in the neighboring city of Ballard but I honestly don’t see myself staying put very much. I’ve been to Seattle before and it’s a pretty cool city.

I won’t replicate the conversation here but I did express some concern about how much money I’m going to be spending, considering how high my credit card bill has gotten. But as I was writing it out I realize I was just trying to make myself feel better as I’m not in nearly as bad a position as I could be. It’s not really a question of whether or not I’ll recover financially from spending a lot of money. It’s more of a question of how long it will take me to do so. I don’t want to spend too long paying off that bill as the interest will only make it higher. But I can’t keep stressing myself out over it.

As you can see, ranting about money certainly helps me get my word count up. That wasn’t the total of the conversation but once I got on a tangent I was able to get quite a lot of writing done as a result. I need to start applying that method to here. But again, writing is writing… right?


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