Tuesday Random Thoughts: The Election, The Simpsons, Thunderstorms.

I’m breaking my own rules about turning off anything with a back-lit screen in order to write this blog post. No, I don’t have anything pressing to write about. But I’m sick of skipping several days in a row with the excuse of “I can’t think of anything to write about today.” That’s really just a mask for my own laziness. It’s more important that I write something, even if it is just crap. Therefore, I’m going to write tonight a collection of random thoughts that are floating around my head this evening.

  • It looks more and more like Hillary Clinton is getting the Democratic Party nomination. Like I said before, the candidate whose rhetoric matches my own politics the closest is Bernie Sanders. That’s not to say that I trust him any more, but he’s spouting off the best ideas. Nonetheless, I really hope that if Clinton gets the nomination that Sanders drops out of the race. I truly believe that if so many people vote their conscience and vote for him they’re really voting for Trump. Any third-party vote is really going to take away the vote from the Democrat. I wish things were different in that regard in American politics, but I can’t say that. In this way it is possible to argue that voting for the lesser of the two evils is voting one’s conscience.
    Besides, it isn’t the president that we should be most concerned over right now. It’s the idiots in Congress that we should be watching.
  • I may have given up watching new episodes of The Simpsons years ago but I have to respect their staying power. I think the reason why they’re outlasting their fellow animated “adult” television shows is that there really doesn’t need to be like competition. If the show is flexible enough, which The Simpsons is, you only need the one show to do what you can do with animated comedy. I remember liking The Critic and the first season of The Family Guy. But when the story becomes so focused on its own little world, it’s hard to keep it going for too long.
  • Another reason why I like The Simpsons is that it gives me permission to like other Fox properties as well. I know, I should just like them on their own merit. But I’m so disgusted by the right-wing politics of Fox “News” and Rupert Murdoch that it’s hard for me to digest anything else that they make. But The Simpsons is largely made by left-wingers (or at least, it used to be—as I haven’t seen new episodes in years it’s unfair of me to make that assumption) and those sociological views (at least used to) seep into the show all the time. If they’re open-minded to allow that on one of their networks, even if that’s motivated by the popularity of the show and the revenue it brings, I have to give a tiny bit of respect to them for that.
  • There’s supposed to be a thunderstorm passing through the area tonight. I’m not really digging these nighttime thunderstorms lately. I hate jump scares. When I use my toaster I have to leave my kitchen as it scares the shit out of me when the toast pops up. I really can’t get to sleep with thunder booming around me—especially when I don’t know when it’s coming.
  • I kind of like this sort of “random thoughts” post. It’s like my old blog posts when I first started this but a little more organized and “cleaner” looking. I think I’ll do more of these. I need to restart my “Sunday Lists” as it is. I guess this will be my first “Tuesday Random Thoughts” list.

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