Searching out news with the intent of getting angry.

When I first switched my blog from “daily journal” to writing posts about specific topics, I often wrote responses to news stories and articles regarding politics and religion. I sought out these stories in order to have something to write about. But over time I stopped getting so riled up when reading them. That’s not to say that when pushed I couldn’t come up with something. But after coming across so many articles about things I find objectionable I no longer became angry at them.

At the same time I stopped seeking out news stories on specific topics. I don’t bother searching for “Westboro Baptist Church” or “Atheism” in news search bars anymore. I realize now that my response articles were a result of me trying to find things to respond to rather than just naturally coming across it in my own life.

To that end, I don’t really come across such adversity in my own life. Sure, that could mean that I live in a safe bubble in the area of the world I live. I don’t have any co-workers at the moment that are trying to shove their religion down my throat (although that has happened in the past). There are some politically conservative people at work but politics largely doesn’t enter conversation, at least not when I’m around.

So, am I purposely avoiding controversial topics because I don’t want to make myself angry anymore, or am I purposely not seeking out such topics with the sole in tent on making me angry when they really have nothing to do with me? I don’t believe that ignorance is bliss, but at what point does one cross the line?

Then again, considering my general lack of output on this blog lately, should it matter? Perhaps if the larger goal is to have something to write about, seeking out these topics that make me angry would be considered acceptable. I don’t want to spend too much time researching for this blog as I have other writing projects I want to focus on (something else that I’ve slacking off with, but that’s a topic for another day). But if I sit down and decide on a series of topics ahead of time, it wouldn’t take much effort to customize some sort of news reader to automatically search those topics for me. That might sound limiting but I like to think that I wouldn’t restrict myself to just that one news source.

Of course, every once in a while I have to write a blog post in which I detail how I need to get back to some older habits with this blog and/or my lifestyle. These types of blog post, including this one today, help with my daily word count but they annoy me. They feel too cheap. I guess I brought up some new points in this one but I still wish I came up with a less whinier post. Maybe if I put the above ideas into practice I can change that.


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