What to do to keep from getting bored on a long flight. #flying

I have a long flight in a few weeks and I’m going to need to keep my mind occupied for the whole thing. One of the things that I was considering doing was getting a copy of Dame Judi Dench’s memoir, And Furthermore, in audio book form. However, I generally don’t buy audio books as I usually only listen to them once. I could borrow the book on CD but I don’t want to take it across the country for fear that I might lose or damage it from traveling. So, what are the legalities of copying the discs onto my iPod and listening to it that way, with the intent on deleting it once I get back?

My understanding of copyright law—which I studied in college but that was over a decade ago—is that such a copy could be made legally if I owned the discs. The copy on my iPod would be considered my legal backup copy, albeit the copy that I would listen to more. But I wouldn’t own the original disc. Does borrowing count? And if it does, how do I know that somebody else hadn’t already made this copy? Furthermore, my library is part of the Hoopla network, which does lend out downloadable copies of audio books (except of course, for that one). How does that work?

These are just idle thoughts. Yes, I’m that hung up on the law that it would scare me from going through with this. But I probably wouldn’t anyway. I don’t have the patience to listen to the entire book in one sitting. I would find it weird as well that the book is read by Samantha Bond rather than Dench herself. I don’t doubt that Bond did a good job, but I would find it strange hearing some other person’s voice telling Dench’s story.

If anything, however, I would probably stock up on different podcasts between now and then. If I’m going to listen to something for the whole six-hour trip (not to mention the waiting time in the airport) I would rather have variety than one thing. I could then also stop between podcasts and pick up a book. Maybe I’ll get a copy of And Furthermore so I can read it with Dame Judi Dench’s voice in my mind.

What else could I take with me to keep me busy? I sold my Game Boy years ago but I’m sure that I could get another one for fairly cheap. I’m not going to take my laptop on the trip. Even if I did, I doubt I’ll take it on the plane with me.

When it comes down to it, I really wish I could just go to sleep. But as I never can fall asleep on a plane. I’ve tried. But considering what time of day my flight is I doubt I’ll be able to anyway. I’m not complaining, though. I’m fine with sitting in a comfortable seat for hours on end, getting caught up on podcasts or reading while getting served drinks and hopefully some food… as long as it’s not one of those chintzy “meal” boxes that I was offered last time.


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