Yet more dental problems. #teeth

Lately I’ve had to see an endodontist to get my root canal retreated. My general dentist has to make a new crown over that tooth. When he looked at recent x-rays, though, he decided to refer to me to the endodontist as it looks like the root canal got infected. He wanted to make sure before putting on that new crown.
I’ve already been to the first of two appointments for the re-treatment. Because of the work the crown was only temporarily cemented on. It broke off during breakfast the other day. The endodontist decided that she’s going to leave it off as I’m going back to her for a second appointment, before going back to my general dentist to get the crown replaced permanently.
Fine, but that means that I have to chew on my other side. The problem there is that my general dentist redid a filling there recently and I think it needs to be ground down more as it’s sore whenever I chew too much over there. In other words, I’m miserable whenever I’m eating. The question is, do I bother going back to my dentist now or do I wait until I go in to get the crown replaced to ask him to look at it?
Or do I just get all my teeth extracted and replaced, and be done with it? As it is I have to have special prescription toothpaste which costs $20 a tube, which I have to use three minutes a time at least twice a day. I end up drooling all over myself in the process. It might just be cheaper, easier and cleaner to just get dentures and clean them.
Apparently I have a high decay rate. It turns out that my father has the same thing, which he claims is hereditary as other family members also suffer from this problem. Is it true? Is this really a hereditary trait? I’m just coming to terms with hair loss. Am I going to be suffering with tooth problems for the rest of my life?
The worst part of this current problem is that I’m just realizing how sore the side with the filling gets right before the weekend. I have to wait a few days before seeing the general dentist. I have to wonder if there’s even anything he can do for me. It could be that that side is only sore because I’m only chewing there, with part of my bite missing on the other side.
Then again, it could be a different problem entirely. Seeing how bad my teeth can get anyway, who knows? Maybe I need a root canal on that side, too. I don’t think that I eat things that are all that bad for my teeth, either. Is it really all that bad to eat sugar-coated rocks?

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