Oil change isn’t going as planned. #motorcycle

I thought I was going to save on the oil change for my motorcycle at the beginning of this riding season. I had enough oil left over from previous changes, so all I had to pay for was ten dollars for the new filter. Today was the first real good day on a weekend in which I could perform this procedure. Unfortunately, it proved to be a pain in the ass and is going to cost me a lot more than oil changes usually do.

To start with, I had to borrow the pan to collect the old oil from my father. (Of course I could get my own but he says he reuses motor oil for something or other so I would dispose of it at his place anyway.) I forgot to get it ahead of time, so I had to wait until after he returned home from his Sunday morning coffee with friends and had lunch. I had rather hoped to get it done and over with in the morning. I guess this worked better than my plans, though, considering it’s still only warm around here for an hour or two in the afternoon this time of year.

Then, when gathering my materials, I couldn’t find the funnel I usually use for bike oil changes nor could I find the special attachment for my socket wrench for oil filters. I did find a different funnel, which probably would have worked fine but didn’t have the “bendy” tube at the end to direct the flow of the oil into the chamber in the bike. This is especially critical given the angle of the opening to the chamber. I could still change the filter without that attachment as well but I would have to go back to my father’s and borrow a wrench.

So far, there have been some hiccups but no more than usual. Despite knowing full well how to perform the oil change, and if everything goes smoothly how quickly I could do it, nothing ever goes smoothly. But I always manage. However, this time I encountered more than a hiccup.

I tried loosening the oil drain on the bottom of the bike as usual. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t budge. It seems that the last time I put it back on I put it on too tightly. As I tried forcing the damn thing I ended up smoothing it out. It became so smooth that even vice grips wouldn’t budge it.

So now it looks like I’m going to have to take the bike into the shop for an oil change. They might use the filter I have but I doubt they’ll use the oil. On top of that, I’ll probably have to buy a new oil drain. It’s essentially just a bolt but I seem to remember the last time I had to replace one I found out that it’s a specific kind of bolt, which proved to be pricey.

I have to pay for the service plus possibly a new part. Given all of the other expenses I have going on in my life right now this is most unwelcome. But, I want to ride the bike. I’m going to have to put up with it. I guess I really have to get that overtime in now.


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