Blog post schedule will change for a few weeks.

Alright, for at least the next few weeks my weekday blog posts are going to be minimal. I have to work as much overtime as I can for two reasons. First of all, I have a lot of work to make up. I’ve had to run the service desk for the day shift for a few days last week and have to do so for this whole week (for the most part). Secondly, I need the money. I really want to pay off my credit card bill as soon as I can. On top of that, my root canal needs re-treatment, which will cost over seven hundred dollars even after insurance. I wouldn’t mind building up my checking account as well.

I’m only allowed ten hours as it is and I’m already getting an extra half an hour each day. That means I’m staying an hour and a half after work each day. As I’m trying to live life after work there isn’t much time to even think of a blog post, let alone write one. I might try to work on the screenplay a little bit but I get the feeling that I’ll only really be able to do that this weekend. That’s fine. I don’t have any plans for a while, anyway.

I know, I should write every day. Maybe I still will, but if it isn’t the screenplay I’m sure I won’t have anything worth publishing here. I’ll probably just have some exercises just to keep the creative juices flowing. I could publish them here, but I make no promises. Of course, if something sparks a thought that I could quickly turn into at least five hundred words I’ll do so. In any case, if I have to choose I should choose working on the screenplay over this blog.

I don’t know when my schedule will return to normal. I like getting the money but at the same time I like having my free time as well. Right now the extra hour and a half doesn’t feel like it as it breaks up my day between two jobs. Not only that, it really doesn’t give me enough time to get caught up completely. I will have some extra time tomorrow to get caught up on my work during my normal shift as well. I may have to leave work at my normal time so I can get to a bank before they close. It figures that I completely forgot to make a payment on said credit card bill on time this month.


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