Honey, I shrunk the jeans. #fashion

3:00 p.m.
Adelle’s Coffee House, Dover, NH

Despite my financial woes I find myself out on a mini-shopping spree. I have to keep reminding myself that my credit card bill isn’t all that high, and I am making enough to pay it off. If I was really poor I wouldn’t also be looking into buying a house (albeit, not actively—let’s just say that I’m open to the idea). When push comes to shove, however, there are just some things that I have to break down and buy when the need arises. And I need to buy new pants.

(Note to international readers: by “pants” I refer to slacks, trousers, jeans and the like.)

(Note to American readers: by “pants” some countries refer to underwear, hence the note above.)

(Note to self: didn’t I publicly state that I dislike parenthetical statements? I need to work on that.)

Specifically, I need to get jeans for work. The position I got promoted to months ago is more of a clerical nature than the receiving position I had. Still, there are times that I have to help out in the back room and so forth. Dress slacks wouldn’t be able to take the abuse. A clean pair of black jeans is formal enough for what I do. I also take the motorcycle to work sometimes. While slacks might be alright during the warmer weather, they’re too thin for this time of year. That, and they don’t hold up to flying dirt as well.

So why do I need new jeans? Because a lot of the jeans I bought when I got the new job have shrunk. I know how that reads. If anything, I’ve lost weight since I ought them. For that matter, not all of my jeans have this problem. Some of them fit fine. But of those that do a few have developed rips in them. They aren’t suitable for work. In the end, I only have four pairs of jeans that I can wear to work.

So I need to buy some jeans. I guess I’ll look at the next waist size up. I normally take a 33 but that’s a hard size to find, especially as I only buy jeans from thrift stores. I sometimes can fit into a 32 but it can get tight, especially as I tend to tuck in my shirts. I’m looking at size 34 now. That gets baggy sometimes but I may have to make do.

Of course, it all comes down to trying them on in the store. Maybe I can find a 32 that fits. There’s a psychological block go go the next even-numbered size up—as if all of my efforts at keeping fit were in vain. But maybe I got too ambitious in the first place when I started buying 32’s. At least I’m not a size 38 anymore.

A while back I wrote a blog post posing the question about what to do with this pile I have of jeans that have developed holes in the crotch. I don’t have that problem with the small jeans as I can just donate them back to Savers. But if anybody has any idea as to what to do with the other jeans, I’d like to hear or read them.


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