Viewing the news on my desktop. #rssfeed #news

What’s the best way these days to keep up-to-date on news? I’m not asking what news sources are the best. For the sake of this blog post, I’m only addressing the means of attaining this information as opposed to where the information comes from. Yes, I am fully aware of Marshal McLuhan’s “The Meaning is the Message” philosophy. I couldn’t have a degree in Media Studies without learning about it at least once. But let’s say that for the sake of what I’m getting at here today all of the information is on equal terms, and I’m trying to get information as thoroughly as possible.

I recently tried a news ticker program that displayed headlines from RSS feeds scrolling across my desktop. I am still amazed that such an obvious type of program is so hard to find. I can find plenty of scripts to put RSS tickers across a webpage, but I’m not designing a webpage. I’m trying to keep myself informed. After I had downloaded this program, my taskbar froze. This is a common problem in Windows 10 which was probably unconnected to the program. However, once I restored my system to an earlier save point the news ticker was gone. Again, that was probably unconnected. But I’m still dubious about downloading the program again.

For a long time I subscribed to several news sources’ Twitter accounts. That wasn’t such a bad idea except my Twitter feed was getting cluttered and I feared that I was missing information. I didn’t want to develop the habit of obsessively scrolling down through the feed to find out what I had missed.

I also had the Twitter app off to the side of the screen at all times. However, once I did the system restore, every time I try to put the app in its old place it automatically closes. I’m going to try to uninstall it and try again to see if that helps. If I can get it to work as well as the desktop ticker program, I’m good. That doesn’t solve the problem that not all of the RSS feeds would load all of the time, but I think that has to do with the feeds themselves and not the program. As I have said at the beginning of this post, I’m not going to discuss the sources. If worse comes to worse, I can just subscribe to those Twitter accounts again.

By the way, I’m interested in find out if I can somehow convert my Twitter feed into an RSS feed. I seem to remember that there was a way to do this years ago. Then I could just put that feed into the desktop ticker and free up more space for my web browser.

I miss Yoono. Unfortunately it stopped connecting to my Facebook account a long time ago and it doesn’t look like the developers are working on it anymore. I loved having both my Facebook and Twitter feeds in one place off to the side of my screen. Yes, that doesn’t address the clutter by subscribing to so much but if I combine that with the news ticker program, then I wouldn’t have that problem. Yoono was great with the Facebook feed in that it only showed updates in chronological order, so I only got a few updates at a time. The way that Facebook does it on their own page is messy. Then again, Yoono never let me know about my notifications so I would still have to open a Facebook page now and then, unless I kept my phone by my side.

Speaking of my phone, I’ve tried some apps that work well for what I’m looking for. However, I don’t check my phone that often. Besides, the battery in it doesn’t hold a charge very well. What I’m looking for is a constant, self-updating news feed on my computer’s desktop. Is that really too much to ask?


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