Post from Thursday night; little sleep since.

7:00 p.m.
Starbucks, Congress Street Location, Portland, Maine

Yes, with all of my options in downtown Portland I picked Starbucks. I wanted a snack with my coffee and I don’t know who is open this late on Thursdays. I already left one place that closed at seven. I have enough time to stop for a coffee before the Metal Church concert starts, but not enough for wandering around. Besides, it’s below freezing in this city tonight. That’s to be expected; it’s always colder here than at home. But I don’t have to put up with it. I’m not up here to shop around this time.

It’s been a while since I’ve been to a metal show. I’m glad these guys came to Portland. I wish more metal bands came here. I love this city. I have a dream, albeit a simple one, that I could finally call writing my job and move here. I like where I live but I’m getting bored with it. But it doesn’t really amount to competition. I fell in love with this city wince I went to college here.

I guess the idea of seeing this band is secondary to seeing this band in Portland. don’t get me wrong, Metal Church is a great band. They’re not my favorite (primarily because my tastes in metal have shifted almost exclusively to the more extreme sub-genres in recent years) but I know I’ll enjoy their show. Honestly, though, I wouldn’t travel all the way to Worcester or Boston just to see them. The fact that they’re playing here was a big factor in my coming here. I admit that the fifteen-dollar ticket cost was a deciding factor as well.

I have to cut this blog post off as the doors open soon. I didn’t bother getting my tickets ahead of time. I hope they didn’t sell out already. Despite what I just wrote, I won’t stay up here if that’s the case. I still have to work tomorrow.


7:44 p.m.

I have more to say about the subject of the show on Thursday night but I wanted to e-mail a friend of mine who also went to make sure I didn’t mishear something I thought I heard. It was a rather unsettling moment that I think should be addressed. However, if it turns out I’m wrong then disregard this as it would give somebody a bad reputation they don’t deserve. However, I’m pretty sure that I heard it correctly.

I did get into the show, by the way, and it was fun. I made it home around one in the morning and then woke up at my normal time on a weekday. I had arranged to go in late to work that day but it turns out that I didn’t have to. Then I went to see a friend of mine and her band play at a bar in Dover, New Hampshire. I had to leave around eleven as I was starting to get too tired to drive home (the three beers I had at the bar didn’t help—I wasn’t drunk by the time I left, but the alcohol made my fatigue worse). Then I woke up at my normal time again on Saturday morning. As I hadn’t had a full nights’ sleep for two days straight I didn’t bother with writing a blog post yesterday. I’ll resume my normal routine tomorrow.


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