Too nice for a car? #motorcycle

I think today starts a series of days each year when I should take my motorcycle to go somewhere, but I took the car instead. I justified taking my car today, as I wanted to bring my computer with me. I worry that bouncing around in saddlebags isn’t good for it. That, and they’re not secure, so I would have to take it in with me wherever I go. On top of that, I’m going to be out in Portsmouth until late tonight. It should get uncomfortably cold while I’m out.

Still, I’m writing this as a coffee shop in Dover. It’s several degrees warmer here than where I live. It makes me think that maybe I should have reconsidered taking my computer at all. Was it really worth the extra gas?

Then again, was it that much extra gas at all? I only came out to Dover because I wanted to hit the Goodwill in the next town over (Somersworth). I figured that I would stop at this coffee shop (Adele’s) and work on the screenplay for a while. I don’t know why but lately I really only can write on it when I’m not at home. That’s one psychological hurdler I have to get over. But after here I’m heading straight to Portsmouth. None of the trips are really that far. If I was out for a drive around, I might feel bad for not taking the bike.

I don’t just feel guilty, or think I should feel guilty, for the ecological reasons. I feel like I missed an opportunity to have fun by taking the bike for a ride. It’s still a little chilly on the bike right now, though. I’ll ride it to and from work but not really much beyond that. Even then, like I said, I’m not out joyriding today.

Oh, well. I can still enjoy the pleasant weather. The event I’m going to in Portsmouth doesn’t start for five hours. After I do a little more shopping I’ll head straight to downtown. I should have brought a book with me, but that’s alright. Sometimes it’s nice just to get out and walk around.

Yeah, I really sound like a hardcore biker, don’t I?


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