Motorcycle’s out and on the road. #motorcycle

I got my motorcycle out of winter storage Sunday afternoon. Today I rode it to work for the first time this year. It’s supposed to reach the high sixties tomorrow. I may end up riding around for a while after work if it’s nice enough. Now everybody’s saying that next week we might get snow again. I don’t care. As far as I’m concerned, motorcycle season is here.

Actually, I saw quite a few here and there during this relatively warm winter. On Christmas my sister and I were getting more and more agitated every time we heard motorcycles go by our family gathering. My bike was kept over at her place. We nearly went over there, got on our bikes and rode for a couple of hours. But obligations kept us where we were.

Despite being a warm winter with a few good days for riding, I kept my bike in storage the whole time. It did snow from time to time. Even if I could get around the cold I had to concern myself with road conditions. There was ice all over the place. When that melted it was still dangerous. (Actually, had I realized how damp the roads were this morning as a result of the recent snow melting I might have held off today.) On top of all of that (literally) there was salt, which would ruin the undercarriage of the bike. Yes, that could happen to my car to. And yes, I don’t get that cleaned as often as I should. But I don’t think of it with my car. That’s my cold-weather vehicle.

I normally do one oil change at the beginning of the riding season. If it goes on long enough I might do one near the end of it as well. I may have to do that this year as I’m starting early. Fortunately, I found enough motor oil leftover from oil changes in the past that I don’t have to buy any this year. It figures that motorcycle motor oil is more expensive than car motor oil. At least filters are cheap, though. I can still ride the thing a few more times before I worry about changing the oil, though. If it’s nice enough I’ll do that this coming Sunday.

I also need to figure out what to do with the mirrors. I took the stereo system off of the bike at the end of last year. The speakers were on brackets held in place by the nuts on the mirrors. When I took the brackets off I discovered that the nuts had rusted into place, making it impossible to adjust the positioning of the mirrors. I need to figure out some way to loosen up those nuts. I would hate to have to buy new mirrors over something so stupid.

Right now I want to focus on riding the thing. Like I said, I’m going to be on it tomorrow. They’re predicting rain on Thursday with Friday being nice again. If that’s the case, I think I’ll go grocery shopping a day early this week. I have a function to go to on Saturday night, so I might have to hold off that day. I’ll be out late, and I want to dress up a little more than usual on that day. That’s not to say that I can’t wear formal attire on the bike, especially if I’m going a short distance. But by dressing up I would be wearing thinner clothing. Riding season may have started but it’s still winter.


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