Conducting business with people I know. #relationships #people

3:15 p.m.
Lil’s Cafe, Kittery

I don’t normally come to this coffee shop that often anymore. My only reason isn’t one that I’m fond of having; both members of the couple that live in the apartment below me work here. That’s not to say that we don’t get along—quite the contrary. But aside from exchanging pleasantries when we’re on our way to or from our cars we have little interaction with each other. That makes it worse for me, having to do business with one of them. I feel awkward conducting business with people I know to start with. It’s even more strange for me to do so when I’m still forming my relationship with that person. I prefer to keep business interactions with people whom I only know in such a setting.

Then again, I have developed friendships with people I’ve met in business I frequent. At least then we have something of a common bond, albeit small, to fall back on in conversation. Unfortunately, I then run the risk of annoying them if I start only going to their place of work to chit-chat. It’s yet to cause a deep rift in any of these friendships. But the risk is there.

It turns out that neither of the couple is working here this afternoon. They haven’t the last few times I’ve been here. For that matter, I don’t know that they don’t work in the kitchen. I might not run the risk of seeing them here in the first place.

Still, what if I did? Am I really that worried about a situation that would only be awkward because I’m making it so in my head? If I’m socially awkward anyway, what difference would it make? They’ll find out sooner or later. The only reason I could give for having any level of concern is that I don’t want to alienate myself from my neighbors or one of my favorite coffee shops. Of course, as I write this I realize that I can just as easily alienate myself from those two by avoiding them altogether. My first thought on this is that it’s all just a matter of balancing the awkwardness. Then it occurred to me: why not think of it as a balance of not being awkward? Better yet, why not not think about it at all? I would be missing a blog post but I would be more at peace with myself. On that note, I think that’s a good place to end this one.


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