6 complaints about #Netflix.

I just signed up for Netflix again. I canceled it last year as I had canceled my Internet connection at the time. When I had the Internet reconnected a few months ago I didn’t bother signing back up. While it was a convenient service I felt like my relationship with it had run its course. Let I’m tired of borrowing DVDs from the library system only to keep finding out that they’re in less-than-stellar condition. I’m also tired of the cost of rentals via Amazon Prime or Redbox. That’s not to say that I’ll rule out any of those options in the future. But I wanted that convenience again. What ultimately sucked me in was the promise of what I’ve seen with the original content that they’re producing.

Still, my reasons for being dissatisfied with Netflix before still stand. That’s what I’m presenting for today’s list. I grant that some of these problems aren’t necessarily on Netflix. In some cases these are gripes based on issues on my end. Nevertheless these are problems that I’m having so I’m including them. Even though I’m complaining, remember that I did sign back up for it. I’m not presenting these as serious issues, but ones that hopefully can be addressed in the future.

  1. The selection, or rather, the lack thereof. I know, this is one of the biggest problems that a lot of people have Netflix. I also know that there are reasons behind not having certain releases. Studios want to make as much money on home release sales on movies so they don’t give Netflix the rights for new releases right away. On top of that, certain movies from certain studios just aren’t available for business reasons. Aside from that, Netflix has to pick and chose based on how many movies they can offer at the same time. Still, there’s a lot of holes in the selection. Why am I able to have access to all of these critically-panned low-budget action flicks but no Ingmar Bergman films?
  2. Gender-bias in the movie descriptions. I don’t know who is in charge of the descriptions that Netflix uses, but I’ve noticed a trend in gender-bias in certain descriptions. Why is it necessary to mention that somebody is a “female cop” or a “female doctor”? House isn’t referred to as a “male doctor” so why point it out if it’s a woman? (By the way, I also have the same complaint about descriptions of “female-fronted” metal bands.)
  3. There’s no ability to clear one’s viewing history. This isn’t a big complaint, but such an option would be very convenient, especially when it comes to television shows. When all of the Star Trek series were put on Netflix I binge-watched them all. Now that I have it again I want to start again with The Next Generation. However, there are several episodes that I have watched partially viewed in the meantime. When I get to those they’ll start where I left off. Of course I can “rewind” them but an option like this seems too obvious to ignore.
  4. Sometimes television shows have the black on the left and right sides, like a rotated “letter box”. They were originally formatted for my TV set, why aren’t they still?
  5. There’s no way to select scenes.You can only “search” for the moment that you want to skip to. Also, it would be fun to include features that appear on DVD releases such as audio commentary. I know, that’s asking for much but it would still be fun.
  6. The search function on the TV version of the service is rather lacking. I’m talking about using the search function on my Wii console specifically. The website’s search function works fine. On my TV, however, search results are limited to a set number, presented as two pages on screen. I also can only search for titles. Searching by actors or directors is only available on the web. Of course I could whip out my laptop when watching TV, but why should I have to?

These are things that Netflix could tweak to improve the service. I don’t know how it works on the Wii U, but if they still offer the service on an older system, why not improve it?


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