Too tired to work on the screenplay, for good reasons. #exercise #screenwriting

I hate to use the excuse that I couldn’t work on the new screenplay today because I’m too tired. Yet that’s what I’m going to have to do. It wouldn’t be so bad if the scene that I’m currently working on isn’t already going in a hokey direction. Of course it’s only the first draft but I want it to be somewhat decent enough that I can easily recover it later on.

I don’t feel so bad about being too tired to work, primarily because of the reasons why I’m so tired in the first place. I went jogging for the first time in weeks yesterday. Before, when I would let time lapse I would take a short jog with the intent on increasing my distance each time. That’s not a terrible idea but I decided to go much further this time than I usually start with. I did more than half a mile, the last third of which goes up a steep hill. I don’t have much choice about going uphill as I live at the top of it, but I pushed myself to actually jog this time instead of walking it.

As a result my legs have been getting progressively sore throughout the day. I stretched after the jog yesterday, but I don’t think didn’t rest enough. Having to help out with some physical labor I haven’t done in a while at work today probably didn’t help. Knowing full well that I’m going to have to help out with that work tomorrow even more so, I decided to spend the rest of today in bed.

But I’m so tired I can’t even concentrate. No offense to my readers, but a blog post isn’t as cumbersome to write, especially if it’s just one of me whining about my physical ailments. But I’m not really complaining. Like I said, I’m glad that I’m tired based on the reason why I’m tired.

I’ll still open Final Draft and take a look at the screenplay, but if I do any work it’s going to be slow. I normally like to work fast, especially when it comes to first drafts, but also don’t want to write complete shit. At least with partial shit I have something to work with.

I think that’s my cue to end my blog post early tonight.


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