Not shaving, how formal can I get? #beard #grooming #style #fashion

Now I get to demonstrate yet again how I have a tendency to get hung up on stupid little things that not only don’t matter, but I’m probably wrong about anyway.

Yesterday I rattled on about how I’m going to better myself by being a better version of myself, rather than trying to be somebody else. Somewhere in the process of coming to that resolution recently, I made two other, lesser resolutions that are somewhat related. For one thing, I’m going to dress better when I go out in public, including work. This wouldn’t entail too much, as I already try to dress at least somewhat decently (think “business casual”) when the occasion calls for it anyway. But I’ve been bumming it too much at work. From now on, I’m going to throw on a nice shirt and pants without tears in them for even just a quick errand to the store.

Why is this a significant change for me? Well, for one thing I didn’t have a whole lot of time to iron before. I finally got caught up with it while I was on vacation last week. The trick is to keep caught up with it from this point forward.

The other reason has to do with the second resolution that I had made recently. I’m going to stop shaving. I don’t necessarily care to grow the hair back or wear a beard (especially as everybody else these days are wearing one), I just wanted to stop shaving. It’s expensive, takes a lot of time and I cut myself too often. I end up not feeling any more presentable before. I just don’t care how my hairline looks anymore. I shouldn’t have been so self-conscious about it in the first place. Like I said before, I could totally rock the aging nerd look once I grow it long. Then again, maybe I won’t look so nerdy. It’s too soon to tell.

The reason this ties into the resolution to dress better deals with the period while the beard is still growing. In other words, instead of looking like I decided not to shave, I just look unshaven. Whenever this has happened before I gave up on trying to look presentable and just threw on a band t-shirt with ripped jeans before heading out somewhere. I have a few more “dressy” alternatives that I felt match the look but you get the idea. It never dawned on me before that at least if I dress well, that looks a lot better than just bumming it.

The last few days I dressed up for work without looking too bad. Then I decided to head out tonight to a coffee shop to work on my current screenplay. By this point my facial hair is really starting to look like it’s been growing for days. But I went ahead and put on the business casual attire I plan on wearing tomorrow. If I do say so myself, even with my scruffy face I don’t look so bad.

In the end, what does it matter, anyway? I should dress how I want to dress. If, at the stage in my life when I’m approaching middle age, I want to start looking more “adult” I should do so regardless of other things going on in my appearance. Even then, I shouldn’t let such little things bother me when I have so much more pressing concerns—like working on this screenplay.


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