The new album is done and online. #rpmchallenge #music

I finished my new album, “Approach” and handed it in today. You can listen to it in its entirely either through my page on the RPM Challenge site or my page on SoundCloud. (I’ve opted to not include players on this page partly because I want to direct people to these respected sites… and primarily because I’m too lazy to figure out how to get it to work. If the links don’t work let me know.)

As I said I realized two-thirds of the way through the making of this album that it wasn’t really the album that I should do. But I started it so I saw it through. I’m not so sure that the demo-like production quality benefits this one as much as anything I do as Shadows of Immurement. I’m not planning on re-recording it. I may make an exception for “St’Artagnan” as I quite like that song. But so far people seem to like other songs as the album. I’m not disappointed with it. I wish my vocals could have been better, but then again I wish I didn’t get sick two months ago causing me to lose my voice.

Anyway, I put the album online for all to hear. I hope you enjoy it. I’ll resume my normal blogging responsibilities tomorrow.


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