Yes, I’m still here. Sometimes, I’m even awake. #rpmchallenge


MICK is sitting at his COMPUTER DESK, fast asleep. His head rests on the desk next to his LAPTOP. On the laptop’s screen we see music recording software with a song in the middle of production. Next to Mick, a GUITAR sits on a GUITAR STAND on the floor. Mick rolls his head slightly and hits something on his computer, which switches the view on the screen to a video game that he’s been playing as a diversion between recording different tracks.

He rolls his head again, which this time makes the game resume playing. A monster roars, which causes Mick to sit up quickly. In his confusion he also knocks his guitar over, which causes all sorts of clatter.

Huh… wha… wuuaagh?

Mick picks his guitar up off of the floor and puts it gently back onto the stand. He pauses the game switches the screen back to his music recording software.

Oh, good. I saved it.

Mick then feels his face. His face turns to confusion as he realizes that he’s got several days’ worth of stubble.

Wait, what’s the date?

Mick checks the date on the screen. With a look of surprise he then switches the screen again, this time to a web browser. The browser is open to a WordPress “Edit Post” screen, which is blank.



Alright, I know that the above bit wasn’t exactly formatted the right way. I wasn’t using Final Draft this time. Actually, I haven’t used it in weeks. Not only have I been recording this album for the RPM Challenge, I’ve been slacking off a lot. I like to think that the two are connected, that I need the diversion. Unfortunately, I don’t think that’s the case for the entire time. I suffered from a lot of melancholy—I don’t want to say “depression” for fear that I would be misdiagnosing myself. I went through a lot of shit at work a couple of weeks ago. It’s all water under the bridge now, and I probably made too much of a big deal out of it.

Still, I didn’t spend as much time on the album as I could have. Yet it’s turning out alright. For the most part all I have left to record are vocal tracks. Considering that I haven’t had a chance to really practice my singing over the past couple of months (losing my voice tends to have that effect) I need to spend some extra time with that part. That’s one of the reasons why I took next week off from work. I also need to write most of the lyrics, although I have a pretty good idea what I’m going to try to do with each song.

I have a couple of thoughts overall on the making of this album. Just like the Shadows of Immurement songs this one has a demo quality to its production. It’s just for fun. But part of the way through the process I realized that instead of trying to do two different things, I’m the guy from Shadows of Immurement trying to do something else. The lyrics are going to reflect that, especially in the last song.

I thought I might give up music after this album. I’m now thinking that from now on I’m going to exclusively work with Shadows. But then I often have ideas that won’t work with that style. I don’t really want to record anything else on my own. I would be interested in the occasional collaboration or guest spot with somebody. Then again, I find that I’m much more interested in writing songs than performing or recording them. If I could find a way to give or maybe someday sell the songs to somebody else I’d be happy.

However, Shadows of Immurement is mine. It’s too much of a part of me to let go. Besides, it doesn’t require a lot of technical prowess in terms of either playing or production. The simplicity of the playing and the roughness of the sound actually work in its favor.

But anyway, I have to get back to this year’s album—in between diversions, that is.


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