#RPMChallenge day one: software issues.

This RPM Challenge for me is not off to a flying start. When I got this new computer I kept the old one set up in my office/library/studio and hooked up to the music recording equipment. Once I tried using it this time, however, it shit the bed again. I think that since the last time it crashed I missed an update or something that would allow it to work with the audio/MIDI interface that I use. Instead, when I go to try to use it the mouse freezes. I could catalog the other problems with that computer but I’m just going to let it rest.

So I figured I would remove the recording software from that one and re-install it on this new computer. Unfortunately all of that took most of my time on Monday, the first day of the challenge. When it finally was hooked up, I couldn’t get the audio/MIDI interface to connect to the program. I had to go to bed, not having recording even a drum beat.

Yesterday after work I finally got the two to connect. But then I faced a different problem. There’s two analog lines in with the interface. For whatever reason the software was set up so that “LINE IN L” only sent signal to the left channel in the software, and “LINE IN R” only went to the right. Finally, after several hours of playing around with it and calling the friend of mine who’s loaning me this equipment in the first place,* I got it to work. It sucks that it looks like I have to change the settings every time I start a new session with the software, but at least I know now what to do.

Now I face another problem. I used to be able to sync the midi clock on the interface with my drum machine. That way I can control when the machine starts and stops with the recording software. This makes it much easier if I want to record two drum tracks, or go back and re-record a section of one. For some reason that part of the software is still not recognizing the interface. I tried installing a new driver for the interface, but as it’s an older model TASCAM doesn’t support it anymore. I can’t seem to install the new driver on Windows 10.

So remember what I was saying about working with limitations? I can still record the drum machine. I just can’t go back and mess around with those drum tracks like I used to be able to. It is possible to set up “songs” on the drum machine itself, in which I program a series of patterns together. That’s a big pain in the ass, however, and takes a lot of time. It looks like I’m going for that more minimalist approach that I was talking about. I had larger plans but to be honest, I probably wasn’t going to see them to fruition anyway.

If you were wondering why I haven’t written a blog post in the last few days, that’s why. (Alright, fine—on Sunday I got caught up playing an old video game. But damn it, I got Link the Master Sword and I intended on using it.) It looks like I’m going to be quiet for the rest of the week as well. I feel like I’m making up for lost time now. It’s too bad. I could have used that extra day the leap year is giving us.

*For those worried about legal matters—of course, I’m probably the only one, but whatever—he doesn’t have this particular software loaded on his computer anymore. So while I don’t own it, it’s still his copy. It’s just on my computer. That works, right?


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