Thinking about what I’m going to do for the #RPMChallenge.

I think I’m unintentionally starting my writing schedule for next month a little early. For various reasons I wasn’t able to get to working on the screenplay tonight, and I know I won’t tomorrow with all of my errands after work. But I have the whole weekend off so I’ll get to work more on the script then. Monday is the first of February, which means the first day of the RPM Challenge. I’ll blog here and there but otherwise I’m going to dedicate most of my time on the album throughout the workweek and then fit in time for the screenplay on the weekends.

Yes, I am going to take part in the RPM Challenge this year. I’m still unsure of the nature of the project. My voice still hasn’t fully recovered. I can talk in a calm voice alright, but whenever I sing I sound like shit. I have a range of about three notes. That’s until I get another coughing fit. (Although I’m not sick anymore, whenever I have a cold the cough lasts for weeks.) Even when I get angry about something at work and talk excitedly, I sound like a teenager when his voice breaks.

I don’t mind working with limitations. I have cheap and/or borrowed equipment. I’m only just adequate in terms of skill. I’m still not very good at mixing. I certainly have my limitations in terms of playing ability. But now I also have the limitation of possibly not being able to sing. Do I do an instrumental album?

That’s certainly a possibility, but I also had something else in mind. I can still talk. Don’t worry, I’m not going to put out a hip-hop record. I was thinking, though, of something more industrial-techno sounding. The only problem is that I don’t have an arpeggiator. It isn’t exactly necessary but if I do this it’s going to sound very bare bones.

But that’s only one idea. I could do something a little more minimalist. The problem is that I have to give a description for my RPM Challenge page. I just don’t know what to put there. Maybe I can write something mysterious and witty. I could also take the easy way out and write “experimental.” I’ll play around a bit this weekend. (I’m not going to spend the whole weekend writing, after all.) If I still don’t have a definite genre in mind, then I’ll just make something up.

That’s it. I’ll invent some genre that nobody has ever heard before and see if they notice when they hear, say, a folk album. “Space Freaky” comes to mind. Some other good ones would be “Latvian Club Spunk,” “Frog Beat Flop” and “Greasy.”

I think I’m getting tired. Despite not quite making 500 words I’m going to call it quits now.


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