Started work on the new #screenplay.

I just wrote the first scene in the first draft of my new screenplay. It’s a short scene, only four pages. That may translate to more than four minutes as it starts with a chase scene. It’s a start, though. It feels good to get back into screenwriting. I was surprised by how easy it came to me. Those four pages didn’t feel like they took any time at all. I always had a tendency to work quickly when I actually have something to write. Perhaps screenwriting really is the way to go for me after all. Then again, I could just be feeling the euphoria after doing what I perceived to be a job well done. It could be total crap. That’s what the drafting process is for.

I don’t know why I feel the need to justify the work to myself. I got nearly 900 words in on those four pages. Combined with this blog post I’ll get at least two-thirds of standard 2,000 words a day that we writers are told to write. I think the need for justification comes from seeing all of that white space on the pages. It doesn’t look like I did enough. Still, as long as I tell the story, then that should be all that counts.

I may have lamented in the past that one has to use Final Draft in order to sell one’s screenplay. But I’m really glad I’m using it. It makes the process a hell of a lot easier. It’s hard to describe the advantages of using Final Draft 9 over a standard word processor. It really comes down to automatic formatting and use of macros. When screenwriting is a repetitive process in those regards the specialized software really cuts down on the time it takes to actually make a script.

I have an outline for the story which I’m pretty happy with. I already had to make one tweak with the first scene, though. I originally set it in a historical setting which I’m unfamiliar with. Once I started to research that period more I found that I knew it even less than I thought I did and it would make the story hard to work with. I switched it to a period of history that I’m a little more familiar with. The setting itself isn’t too important to the scene, other than to establish that the main antagonist lives throughout the centuries. I don’t make a whole lot of references that would detract from the story. I may color it a little as the drafting process goes on, but I’m not too worried bout it right now.

The outline is all set, the writing is flowing smoothly and the software makes everything much more efficient. Well, damn it, I no longer have an excuse to not get any work done now. Let’s wait to see what happens with the RPM Challenge, which starts next week.

I know I wasn’t going to publish a blog post tonight but it turns out that writing the script went by so quickly that I had time to start this one after all. I got so excited about what I was writing about that this blog post went rather quickly as well. Maybe that’s what I’ve been missing all this time. It’s not so much knowing how to write, but having something to write.


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