I didn’t quite make it to the dump. #snow

Yesterday morning I was all ready go to and get those errands done that I laid out a week ago. I finally got my new dump sticker so I loaded my car with trash and recyclables in the morning. I headed out for breakfast first, then decided to shop around a little bit. I figured that I had the time for once on the weekend. I had checked the weather but all it said was rain along the coast, perhaps freezing at one point. I wasn’t worried.

At around ten I was at the Target in Greenland, NH. When I went in it was raining. I tooled around in there for a bit. When I came out the rain had switched to snow. I decided that I had to get to the dump as quickly as I could. In Kittery the people that work at the dump are in charge of plowing, so they close on snow days. I hoped that they possibly opened the dump at first, thinking like I was that it was only going to rain that day. So I got out of the Target parking lot and onto Route 33, with the intent on taking the highway (I-95) to quickly get home.

Unfortunately, in my panic I took the wrong exit and headed south. Now I had more pressing concerns. In order to turn around I would have to take the next exit in Hampton. I started freaking out because that is where the tolls are, including the exit. Fortunately the exit turns out to be cheaper than the tolls on the main road, so I had the cash to pay for it. But the whole trip added time. On top of all of that the road conditions were steadily getting worse. I couldn’t get up to full speed like I normally would.

It’s amazing how badly people drive in the snow around here. We make fun of people down south going crazy and closing everything down when they get an inch of snow. Yet I witnessed several people with local plates having veered off of the road, in some cases damaging their cars against the guardrails. For my own perspective, I kept getting stuck behind slow drivers.

I understand that in the snow you have to drive more slowly. I’m not complaining about that. My problem is that you also have to get up to a certain speed, otherwise you’re not going anywhere at all. For several miles on Route 1 I got stuck behind this SUV with Massachusetts plates that not only wasn’t going fast enough but would also slow down from time to time, causing them and anybody behind them getting stuck in the snow. Fortunately we were still moving overall and they did turn off eventually, but it was a frustrating experience.

Even if the dump was ever open yesterday morning I didn’t make it. I decided to cut my losses, pick up some beer somewhere and head home. I checked the Accuweather app on my phone while I was sitting in the store’s parking lot. It said “rain.”

It did accurately predict that the storm would soon stop, though. After lunch I found that the air outside had also warmed up quite a bit, melting most of the snow in the process. I went out for dinner after all and held off on the beer for later. I probably drank too much last night, but hey, I don’t have a hangover. That’s the important thing, right?

Unfortunately, I still have the trash in my car. The dump doesn’t reopen until Tuesday. Even though I’m keeping the trash in the trunk, I may want to look into getting an air freshener.


By the way, this is a “make-up” post for missing the last two days. I still plan on starting my “Sunday lists” later today. I haven’t decided what the topic will be. I wanted to do something in honor of David Bowie, but I’m worried that I might have started to annoy friends by obsessing over him this past week. I think I’ll hold off on that one.


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