Five reasons for shaving in the shower.

For the past two or three months I shaved over the sink, looking at the mirror on the medicine cabinet above. I know that isn’t exactly the most exciting news. Neither is the fact that I recently switched back to shaving in the shower, which I’ve done for years prior. Why is this important? Well, for you, it really isn’t. But I needed to justify shower-shaving to myself. It feels like I’m using more water that way. Of course I haven’t done a study on it, but when I shave at the sink I only turn the water on when I rinse off my razor. Then again, I do that with every stroke.

So with this week’s list, I thought I’d go through my justifications for shaving in the shower. Keep in mind that this is a list that only pertains to my situation. These items may not apply to everybody. But they certainly were food for my thought.

  1. I am able to stand up straight. Because I live on the top floor, my bathroom sink is right under an eave (slanted ceiling to match the roof of the building). I don’t even notice when I wash my hands as I have to stoop forward to do so, anyway. But it does mean that I can’t have the medicine cabinet at eye-level. As I shave my whole head, not just my face (although I keep the eyebrows), my back gets sore after a while bending down like that for that long. In the shower stall I can have the mirror at eye-level while I stand up.
  2. I’m able to get a better shave. The above reason might have something to do with this, but I also think moisture, including the steam, helps. Also, the light in the bathroom is right above the stall, so I can see what I’m doing.
  3. I don’t have to deal with a foggy mirror. This seams like a minor point, but it’s important. By the time I dry myself off with the bath towel it’s too damp to dry anything off. (Yes, I’m one of those people who uses a new towel every time I shower.) I was keeping a hand towel by the sink, but that’s a waste of a good towel. I have to clean it afterwards, not to mention folding it and putting it away. When I’m in the shower, I just run water over the mirror when it fogs up.
  4. It’s more efficient. I’m going right from one activity to another. In a way, it’s a time saver. It may not seem like a whole lot of time, unless you consider my next point.
  5. It lets me stay in the shower for a little longer. I confess: I like to take long showers. I don’t always if I’m in a rush (in which case I skip shaving altogether) but I find showers enjoyable. If I wasn’t shaving I would still probably be in there for that long. In that case, I’m wasting more water by shaving at the sink.

Of course, I could bypass this whole inner debate if I found an electric razor that works well. I haven’t had good luck so far. I also could just let the hair grow. I tried that, but I didn’t like how a beard looks on me. I also don’t have a full head of hair. Maybe if I got over those hang-ups I would have less problems. But right now I shave, and I’m going to shave in the shower. I think I can live with that.


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