I was out for most of the day yesterday. #mundane #errands #shoes #bowie

It didn’t feel like I stayed home for very long at a time yesterday. I could have written a blog post at any point, I suppose, but I had so much that I wanted to get done that I didn’t bother taking my laptop with me when I went out.

For one thing, I had to go to work yesterday morning at six. I really don’t like working on the weekends but I had to leave early on Monday. Granted, I still would have had overtime hours this past week if I hadn’t come in yesterday but our inventory is on Monday. Management was constantly asking me to come in and I relented. But I only worked for about five hours yesterday, so it didn’t turn out to be so bad. I just wished I went in later so I could “catch up” on my sleep.

Then again, the earlier I got out the earlier I could go and run the errands I wanted to yesterday. I paid my rent check and then returned a bunch of stuff to my father—he had given me some food and lent me dishes to carry it home in. I then went out to use my Saucony gift card. I didn’t realize that running shoes had gotten so expensive. Then again, when I only wear man-made materials and they only had two pair that came wide, my options were limited.

I then drove up to Dover but that proved to be a waste of time. I was going to go to a coffee shop there in order to work on some writing—either a blog post or an outline for the screenplay—but I didn’t realize how late it was getting. It takes a while to drive out that way. I knew I was going to Portsmouth for dinner as I had a gift certificate that I wanted to use. By that point I was getting hungry. I should have gone straight to Portsmouth and hung out at a coffee shop to write. It’s not the end of the world. But I still kick myself over it.

The restaurant/bar is also a used book store. I picked up a copy of Gone with the Wind and a Philip K. Dick story. I haven’t read either yet. I’m really getting backed up on my reading. I plan on spending as much time with books today as I can. I never had any interest in reading Gone with the Wind before but it was there and cheap. I figured that it’s one of those books that even if I end up not taking anything away from it myself, I would at least know what everybody else is talking about.

Before I headed home I swung by the local music shop to pick up a copy of the new David Bowie album, Blackstar, which I went home and listened to twice. I won’t publish a full review here but I do highly recommend it. One of my critiques of Bowie albums over the past decade or so is that they felt too watered down and mainstream. That’s not to say that they were horrible. I still say that Heathen is a pretty strong, though not perfect, record. This time around Bowie is at his best—that is, alien. Again, I won’t review it in full. There are plenty of those out there by this point. But just go out and buy it if you haven’t already.

Am I going to write another blog post today to make up for the missing one yesterday? I haven’t decided yet. Like I said, I’m going to spend most of my time reading. I’m sure I’ll have some reactions that might make for an interesting blog post. But after I publish this post and taking care of one or two things online, I’m turning my computer off. I spend too many weekends sitting in front of it, staring at videos on YouTube and entertainment websites. I don’t regret that, it’s my prerogative. But today I wanted to feel like I’m doing something a little more productive.


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