Reasons why you read this blog.

Today I present the last of my week of lists. I’ll throw some thoughts of my experiment at the end of this post. But first, I thought I would get right into today’s list: reasons why you should read this blog.

  1. It makes you awesome. If you’re not awesome, you will be after reading this blog. You may even have been awesome before. But don’t you feel just a little bit more marvelous after having read this blog? You would become beyond awesome if you click on the links at the top of the page to buy copies of two short stories I have available on Amazon, Diary of Lost Suicides and To Love a Ghost.
  2. You get to keep up with me. Face it, if I didn’t write this blog you wouldn’t be able to know what I’m doing and thinking on a day-by-day basis. I can’t imagine the void that would leave in your life. Where else are you going to find out about the progress on my latest writing projects, musical projects, personal improvement, errands and bathroom habits?
  3. This blog gives your day meaning. You may have not realized it, but your day was meaningless. That is, until you started reading this. Now you can finish reading this blog post with a new outlook on life. Stand tall, take a deep breath and face the rest of your day with a newfound sense of purpose.
  4. This blog has sex appeal. I don’t just mean for me as the writer. If you take your laptop, phone or tablet out to a coffee shop or bar, the desired sex will be all over you. In fact, I recommend that you might not want to read too many of my blog posts in public in one sitting. You may start attracting too much attention. There can be too much of a good thing.
  5. This blog will help you win the lottery. Well, okay, I can’t guarantee that one completely. I still have inconclusive evidence to go on with that claim. However, you will certainly feel luckier. Buy those lottery tickets with confidence. Tell them Ragged Good Looks sent you. Just don’t mistake the look of envy on their faces as that of confusion.
  6. You can learn a thing or two. I’m not here to insult your intelligence. But you can’t deny that I’m spouting off knowledge on a regular basis. I just can’t control it. There are those that would say that such knowledge is useless and possibly not true. Again, don’t mistake confusion for envy.
  7. Most of all, you can appreciate my humility.

I’m sure there are loads of other reasons. I don’t want to bog you down with too much. That should be enough for the average to take all at once. Perhaps, when sufficient time has passed, I’ll leak a few more reasons out to the world. In the meantime, take what I have given you in good health.


On a more serious note, that ends my five-day experiment with lists. I learned that lists are a pretty good way of getting a word count in. As long as I have a topic, writing a list breaks that topic up into mini-blog posts. This may be a good drafting tool for me to adopt in the future. But as I said at the beginning of the week, lists are popular. There are times when presenting a list may be more entertaining than using it as a first draft to something else.

I also said at the beginning of the week that I’m looking for ideas for a writing exercise that I can do once a week, perhaps on Sundays. It didn’t occur to me that I was answering my own question all along. I won’t start with this weekend as I just did a week of lists, but starting the following Sunday I’m going to write a list once a week. I haven’t decided yet if this will rule out lists any other time. But it will give me a better opportunity to write blog posts on a daily basis from now on.


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