A list of errands.

People seem to like the mundane stuff. Well, here you go: a list of the errands that I’m going to have to run soon. I would like to run them all on Saturday but I’m not sure that I’m going to be able to. Because I left early on Monday, and our inventory day is coming up, I’m having to go into work for a few hours on Saturday morning. But even then, I should be able to make most of the trips on my list.

  1. I need to go to the dump. There’s nothing special about this. It’s just that my trash and recyclables are building up to the point that I’m going to have to go again. It’s not too imperative that I go this weekend, however. After all….
  2. …I need to get a new dump sticker. In Kittery all of our town dump stickers expired last week. I forgot to renew mine. That wouldn’t be a problem except the municipal offices aren’t open again until Monday. It looks like I’ll have to wait on that dump run.
  3. I need to pay my rent. I haven’t gotten around to it yet this month. Fortunately, my landlord is easy-going and lets me get away with not making my payments right on time. Usually I haven’t because I couldn’t afford it the first week of the month. This time, however, I just keep forgetting. For my birthday, she took one hundred dollars off for this month. That’s a plus.
  4. I need to drop my credit card bill payment in the mail. Actually, I should do that tomorrow on my way to work. That’s another thing I also kept forgetting. I don’t think it will get there quite on time, although I’ve noticed that they seem to have a bit of a leeway. Seeing as I make rather substantial payments each time they might be cutting me some slack.
  5. Use a gift card I got for my birthday. I got one for a place in Portsmouth called Book and Bar, which is, believe it or not, a bar and used book shop. They also have pretty decent food there as well. I’ll probably head there for dinner on Saturday night while I’m out.
  6. While I’m out in Portsmouth, swing by my favorite music store and buy the new David Bowie record. That’s a given, really. I’ve already watched the two music videos and I’m impressed by the music this time around. I’m going to go ahead and say that I’ve been disappointed with Bowie’s work in recent years. There’s been some good stuff, but I haven’t really loved any of them all the way through since Earthling (although Heathen is pretty solid).
  7. I need to pick up some new jogging shoes. I also got a gift card for my birthday for a Saucony, which has a store here in Kittery. I got a pair of all man-made shoes there that has lasted me a few years, so I’m keen to buy from there again. I guess this means I really have to start running again. Perhaps I should look into a gym membership after all.

I also need to go grocery shopping but that every week. I didn’t feel like including that on this list. Besides, I don’t think I’ll go at the same time as all of this other stuff. I don’t want to cut my night out short so I can get to the grocery store in time, nor do I want to leave frozen food out in my car.

That was nice and boring, wasn’t it?



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