The top ten things I hate about getting a cold. #cold #sick

Today I had to do something that I haven’t done in a long time. I had to leave early from work because I was sick. Since I quit working at the convenience store years ago I only got sick once, as a result of traveling out to Seattle. Otherwise, I’ve largely been healthy. It’s only a cold, but it got to the point when I couldn’t function at my job anymore. Hopefully I’ll be able to go to work tomorrow.

As this is my week of lists, I’m going to now present the top things that I hate the most about getting a cold.

  1. I’m not getting any work done. Mondays are usually my busiest days at work. On top of that, I work in retail and we have inventory coming up. There’s a lot of work that I specifically have to do in preparation for it. I got as much of my Monday morning stuff done as I possibly could but I couldn’t take it anymore. Now I’m going to have a lot to make up throughout the week. By the way, this goes for home as well. Right now I’m feeling okay enough to write this blog post but I haven’t been able to focus all afternoon on writing much of anything else. We’ll see how the rest of the evening goes.
  2. I can’t focus on anything with a back-lit screen. What do we do in this modern age if we’re home sick from work or school? We watch television or go online, of course. Yet when I’m at my sickest I can’t keep my eyes on a lit screen. It just bothers them too much. This could be worse for me than other people as my eyes are too light-sensitive anyway, but it certainly puts a damper on whatever fun I try to have when I’m stuck in bed.
  3. I can’t wear my glasses for too long. Normally I don’t notice the pressure that my glasses put on my temples or my nose. I have to wear them all of the time so I’m used to it. However, when I have a cold those are the precise points that I shouldn’t be applying pressure too. I have to take my glasses off for relief. That would be okay if I was able to actually see anything when I do so.
  4. The way other people react around me can get really annoying. People get really worked up when somebody around them is sick. The manager on duty at work today was spraying disinfectant all around my office as if that was going to prevent anything. Nobody wants to touch anything that I touched. Fortunately I got out of there before I had to have any customer interactions. Still, people over-react when people around them have a cold, as if it were the plague.
  5. Getting sick can be expensive. This is a no-brainer for people who are really sick and rack up hospital and treatment bills. Believe me, I know where my point on the scale is in terms of complaining about this. Still, when I’m already a big baby about what’s happening to me and I have to buy tissues and medicine at a moment’s notice, I whine about it.
  6. Aside from the illness itself, I feel generally messy and dirty. Fortunately, I’ve gotten better over the years when it comes to disposing of tissues. Still, they can accumulate quickly. On top of that I get sweaty and I haven’t shaved or showered in a while. Just the feeling of getting behind on anything, including my grooming, gets really annoying.
  7. That sore, itchy throat at the beginning of a cold. In terms of how all of this feels, that part is the worst. At least it gets over with first. On a related note, this is one of those colds that made me lose my voice. That part is actually kind of entertaining. I just don’t like the cause.
  8. Everything tastes funny. This isn’t too big an issue, especially as it doesn’t seem so bad this time around. However, beer hasn’t tasted right for about a week. I don’t drink as much as I used to so I want to enjoy it when I do, damn it.
  9. I just generally don’t like the feeling of being sick. However, it doesn’t paralyze me. I can still function when the only problem I have is just feeling ill. It’s when I get to the next item on my list that I shut down.
  10. When the nose starts running, everything stops. This is my least favorite aspect of a cold. With everything else, I might slow down a little but my life is generally uninterrupted. However, if I have to stop every thirty seconds to catch snot running out of my nose I end up not being able to do anything. Plus, that’s when people around me start to freak out. That was the point when I decided to leave early today.
    On top of that, if I don’t put on enough skin cream the skin under my nose gets really dry and starts peeling. That can also get distracting at work, especially if my nose hasn’t stopped running. If I put too much cream on, I instinctively go at it with a tissue, both irritating the skin and rubbing the cream off.
    Incidentally, why does the snot always seem to come out of one nostril more than the other?

As I said, I’m starting to feel better now. Hopefully I can make it to work tomorrow. I was well enough to look at a back-it screen with my glasses on in order to write this post. Yet the well-being isn’t continuous. I keep having spells when I feel horrible again. Who knows how I feel tomorrow. I’ll just have to wait and see.


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