A week of lists.

I’ve written a few lists on this blog lately and I’ve noticed that they tend to be somewhat more popular than other posts that I’ve written. Just do a search for “top ten” on popular online video sites and you can see just how popular they are. They’re easy to write, too—once I have a topic to go on about I’m good for much more than my usual five hundred words.

I decided, then, that this week I’m going to try an experiment. Monday through Friday I’m going to do all lists. (I may have to skip one on Friday but then I’ll make it up on Saturday instead.) I want to see if it really is something that I keep up for that long. As long as I’m writing on this thing regularly I should keep my creative juices flowing. I’m not going on a theme for all of the lists. I haven’t even decided what I’m going to to do tonight. But I’m sure I’ll come up with something over my day at work.

By the way, I’m still looking for writing exercises to work on once a week instead of a usual blog post. If anybody has any suggestions please let me know.


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