I don’t have New Year’s resolutions. #newyears

New Year’s doesn’t mean anything to me other than every year I feel the need to say that it doesn’t mean anything to me. If New Year’s Eve falls on a Friday or Saturday, then I’ll probably go out—but I only regard it as an ordinary night out, just with a theme, and in the past few years I haven’t even stayed out late enough to see in the new year.

Aside from partying, however, I also don’t bother with New Year’s resolutions. I sometimes have something close, as my birthday is just a few days prior. I get lazy in December, take my birthday as a day to just indulge in whatever I fancy and then I’m refreshed. I start whatever discipline I had before anew. But I don’t usually have too many set goals in mind other than things that I want to achieve generally.

I decided to find a list online of common New Year’s resolutions and see if any of them would apply to me. I chose the list I found on Health.com for two reasons: it’s short and it at least sounds like a reputable site. It gives me a good jumping off point for this blog post, anyway.

  1. Lose weight. I could lose some, actually. Overall I’m pretty thin but I’ve noticed over the last few months that I have put on a few pounds. I work what is predominantly a desk job now and I haven’t been exercising in a while. I don’t really mind having a potbelly but I want to be healthy overall, so I do intend to start jogging again. I’m just waiting to see what I get for my birthday (we had to postpone the get-together until the weekend) before I join a gym for the winter.
  2. Stay in touch. This one is the perfect example of “not a bad idea, but doesn’t really apply to me.” I probably could do with a few more friends outside of work, but of those friends that I do have I’m constantly in touch with. Social media takes care of this issue rather nicely. Aside from that, I’m constantly also in touch with my immediate family.
  3. Quit smoking. This one doesn’t really apply to me, either. Aside from the occasional cigar and some lapses with cigarettes when I’m on vacation, I don’t smoke. I’m not worried about it.
  4. Save money. I’m not quite as cheap as I used to be but I can afford that now since I got promoted back in June. I could change this to “pay off my credit card bill” but that’s a constant goal anyway.
  5. Cut your stress. Jogging and meditation have worked for me in the past, and I already know that I intend on resuming those activities. Otherwise, I’ve been working on stress right along.
  6. Volunteer. Out of the whole list this one would be the most radical change for me. In the past I’ve only volunteered at organizations when I had to for school. I didn’t hate doing so but since then the thought just never occurred to me. But I’m not going to just give myself the goal of “volunteer” unless I know of an organization at which I would like to volunteer in the first place. It’s something to keep in the back of my mind more, but I’m not going to make any plans until I see something that interests me.
  7. Go back to school. I had made this decision a long time ago, but it never came to fruition. I gave up on the idea when I realized that I couldn’t afford it. I probably can now. Still, I’ve heard more than once that getting a master’s degree in writing is largely a waste of time. I don’t know if that’s true, but I can’t deny that has affected my view on going back.
  8. Cut back on alcohol. I’ve already started doing this. But to be honest, I didn’t drink a whole lot to start with. I know I talk much about it, but I really don’t go beyond the small amounts of alcohol a day that’s supposedly good for me. The main reason I’ve been trying to cut back, though, is in regards to item number four on this list.
  9. Get more sleep. I’ve been trying this for just over thirty-five years. What makes me think that I’m going to go to sleep faster in 2016?
  10. Travel. Does the flight I booked to Seattle in July count?

I could probably use a tune-up but nothing major enough to make a big deal out of. I especially wouldn’t attach it to a New Year’s resolution. If I need to improve, I want to improve right now.


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